Kidney stones - treatment of folk remedies without a surgical knife
Kidney stones cure folk remedies Every day huge numbers of people, tired of negligent doctors, looking for information on the Internet about how to cure their diseases folk remedies. Are…

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Alokaziya – healing properties
Alokaziya, Arum or trefoil is an ornamental plant that adorns the window sills of many homes, but not all of the owners of tropical flower know about its medicinal properties…

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The recipe for beautiful Breasts: drink coffee with cabbage!

A sensational study scientists made women nervous. Judge for yourself: according to experts, daily consumption of three cups of coffee can reduce breast size. Think you kidding? Yes…it would!

Women can hardly quibble over your own bust. Especially when proud of themselves, and nothing. But supporters of traditional medicine seem willing to pour jokes above the belt as much as you want. Though believe, though check… Woman’s day, inspired by another study on “the miraculous properties of” coffee, I decided to learn all of the most popular means of breast enlargement. And here’s what we got…

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Possible result: a Significant increase in the growth of the mammary glands.

Method of application: to Put a thin net on the “right” area. Combined with intense physical procedures, developing chest muscles. Continue reading

High pressure: the treatment of folk remedies

The disease in moderate and severe requires medication, but at the start, sparing methods of treatment can give an effective result. But even in this case it is important to consult a specialist. So, how to treat high blood pressure?

Here are some useful tips and guidelines:

To use at night before bed half a Cup of broth clover.

The plant Golden mustache may well help in the fight against disease. Purple part of the flower should be cut and pour the vodka. Be sure to take an odd number of parts of the plant and 500 ml of vodka. The tincture must be put in a dark place for 12 days. Be taken in the morning before eating a dessert spoon.

Honey (half a Cup) mix with grated lemon and five cloves of garlic. Infuse the mixture for a week in the heat, then put in the refrigerator. Drink small spoon three times a day.

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The use of medicinal herbs

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is a branch of medicine and pharmacology, dealing with the treatment drugs of natural or processed plant material, obtained from medicinal plants. Herbal medicine is a concept from the field of alternative medicine. Work with medicinal herbs in Russian culture for centuries was a natural thing.

Worldwide, there are over twenty thousand species of plants used in medical purposes. Appear newer and newer products for body care based on various components, such as fresh tomatoes or pineapples, able to remove dead skin cells, chamomile and rhubarb, which can be successfully used for lightening hair, henna is used to paint in warm red color.

Herbs gladly used in folk medicine. The variety of herbal drugs creates the possibility of treating almost all diseases. The use of herbs is a safe and effective method when it is approved by your physician. The abuse of some herbal drugs can be just as dangerous as an overdose of medicines available with a prescription. Continue reading