Physiotherapy has a valuable meaning and sometimes simply irreplaceable. It is of two kinds: therapeutic and rehabilitative. Therapeutic aimed at elimination of the disease, and rehabilitation is used to restore…

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The use of medicinal herbs
Herbal medicine Herbal medicine is a branch of medicine and pharmacology, dealing with the treatment drugs of natural or processed plant material, obtained from medicinal plants. Herbal medicine is a…

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Vegetarianism and fasting and phantom

1 Work with the healers gave the result. What you see the most famous healers filmed. That only works law No. 1. And scientists and healers think. I know that it revolves around us and tries to break through the protective field, calling it a disease. What is it really? Look!

Now let’s see what I see healers actually.

Imagine the situation. On the island live a hundred people in a hundred homes. In the morning they gathered and sat down in the boat and swam to fish. At this time on the island flew the hurricane and destroyed 97 homes. As all the villagers came back from fishing, it turned out that they have nowhere to live. In this situation, the following occurs.

Everyone who’s left without a home begin to break into three houses survived. And there are several solutions.

1. If you break into a house where the owner, he will be able to ward off attackers from the Windows, the door is the best option.

2. If the average power of the owner there and somebody comes in, they will live as equals in psychiatry, it is “split personality”. They begin to feed on pills, not realizing that it is not a disease – but a state, when in one house live two and equal owners.

3. If the home owner is weak, then it will easily move and even not Udinese “homeless” and make this master – slave. In psychiatry, this is the same as man “as a substitute.” And they too start to feed the pills, not understanding what was happening.

Replace the word “house” with the word “body”, the word “owner” with the word “soul”, and everything will become clear. But in real life, this means that those who worked out in the underworld, respectively, he did his time, came back and he needed a “house” (a new body), and of course he will be breaking into every house that fell on the road. Once he gets weak he will climb into it and down the drain.

Note on the video, it clearly shows balls (in a non – traditional phenomena, “spirits”, and among “healers” in quotes – “orbs”, are actually the souls of those who had served the punishment in hell), close to the body after a few shells, then cast them again. But that’s not how it happens and how to avoid it.

The first thing to know is the “entrance gate”. These are all the “holes” of the body – eyes, nose, ears, mouth, genitals and also armpits, jugular notch. When they are vulnerable? At night, every time we become bare (especially in the toilet) and when I eat with my left hand.

Now you know the main thing in this matter. And you decide what to do, how to do, when to do it.

Each of us are created phantoms if we nahodimsa long on the same place, especially on the bed. our energy copies or phantoms stick those whom you saw in the video. And then we can be far beyond 100 km and we can have a headache or anything, but swallow the tablet useless until you destroy a phantom or a copy with suction cups.

Still in doubt? Please see just a couple of Photos which sent us to the box, trying to find out the truth.

In the picture as “Dalmine” and the photo contest, we see all the same objects. Only on video they are in motion, and depicts a picture of them still. It is easy to guess how many images were rejected and a thing of the past with the same evidence that is all around us whether we like it or not, but there are complex and sometimes unsafe energy processes.

But as any criminal attacked on the trail which begins to cover his tracks and trying to throw off the scent, and the dark force found a very simple way. Prompted some minds to the “sovershenstvo” and here we (all humanity) in a large scale switched digital Photos that these objects are not visible. But if you ask, then another 40-60 years ago, on a Film which is sensitive to such facilities, they met far less frequently. It is clear that. With the development of the information age, having money, many began to practice witchcraft, as the “offer creates demand”. Now in the big cities of the salons of magic and divination, you can stumble. The “spirits” began to call and use, and they are right there, but to disguise himself and become invisible, they gave minds to the development of new technologies that are available, cutting-edge, but blind. In any case, such objects are healers, healers, psychics, called differently, but the essence and their true “face” of not changing, and now you know who they are.

If you have something not quite understand, partially this issue and something not less important, you can read the article “evil eye, healing “.