This is more than just healing
I have to tell you. friends, balancing and calibration of the RBM is more than just healing. The technique developed by Peggy Dubro, provides during the session, not only the…

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The center of Chinese medicine "Lu Shi"
Here are some suggestions from Chinese medicine. 1. To get the best results when using medications and herbs the following must be observed . In diseases of the upper body,…

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Physical therapy in Moscow, physiotherapy treatment, study physiotherapy, General physiotherapy, physical therapy contraindications

Treatment by physical and natural factors is called physical therapy . Examples of physiotherapy can be: electricity, heat and cold, laser, ultrasound, magnetic field, different types of radiation, massage, hirudotherapy. mud and others.

Physical therapy has some differences from other systems of treatment, and these differences play an important role, as they provide physical therapy popularity is the effectiveness and safety. Physiotherapy does not involve the use of drugs, with thanks to physiotherapy can reduce the medication. This is due to the fact that the body increases sensitivity to the therapeutic properties of the drug and can be consume less. In addition, physical therapy helps not only to shorten the course of treatment, but to minimize the side effects after diseases. Due to the fact that physical therapy finds hidden features in the body and activates them, it is possible to achieve significant reductions in the duration of treatment, enhance immunity, accelerate wound healing, activate important biochemical processes in the human body, and also to raise the General attitude of the body and “make” it for recovery.

It should be noted that with the help of physical therapy can make the treatment of all organs of the human body.Physiotherapy is very effectivein initial stages of the disease, in addition, physical therapy is an excellent tool for the prevention of diseases. It is physical therapy used as an additional method to the total course of treatment.

Intravenous laser irradiation of blood (vlok)

Due to the fact that today’s medical laser technology has got unprecedented development, they really can work wonders. Thus, today, one of the most effective methods to rejuvenate the entire body, is an internal laser irradiation of blood (vlok). This method is based on the effects on the body using low intensity laser beams. This method works as follows: in the vein is entered the light conductor, and through him, the laser beam affects the whole mass of blood, this procedure saturates the blood with oxygen, stimulates blood formation, strengthens the immune system, increases metabolism and improves the transport function of blood.

Color therapy

One of the sections of psychotherapy is color therapy. It should be noted that today there is a great variety of methods of color influence. For example, meditation on the color, such a method is that people for a long time looking for a certain color scheme. For everyone else, an example may be the effect that we felt after a long time staring at the fire.

In addition, the therapy can be conducted as cuatrecasasii. This effect be made by the therapist. A man should sink into a light trance, and the doctor will create a comfortable atmosphere color.


Myostimulation is called gymnastics for the lazy, since under the action of the electric current is the contraction of the muscles of the human body. On the nerve endings of the muscles of the human body, using skin electrodes, serves the weak electrical impulses that cause the muscles person to fall. The outcome of the sessions is to improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, metabolism. Thanks miostimuljatsii may decrease the amount of fat in the body. The electrodes are usually applied to active vital points of the human body, and to ensure the best conduction of current, you can use the special gel. Muscle toning involves not only muscle stimulation, and removing painful sensations, as well as General relaxing effect. Today there are special devices that combine multiple properties myostimulation.

The Device Miomodel

Due to the effect of the rheonome “Miomodel” in the body, improves circulation, restores motor function of the organism, improves lung function, restores sexual activity, tissue respiration normalizes, as well as significantly improves all metabolic processes in the human body.

Infita therapy

Invitatories called pulses the impact of low-frequency electric fields of low voltage on the human body, and the purpose of these actions is prevention and treatment of various diseases.

It should be noted that this method effects on the body has anti-inflammatory sedative analgesic effect. Thanks invitatiei, stimulation of metabolism, normalization of blood pressure, increased oxygen capacity of blood, normalization of peripheral and General circulation, normalizes microcirculation in the tissues, normalize the biochemical properties of blood.