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Kidney stones – treatment of folk remedies without a surgical knife

Kidney stones cure folk remedies

Every day huge numbers of people, tired of negligent doctors, looking for information on the Internet about how to cure their diseases folk remedies. Are no exception, and those who suffer from kidney stones, treatment of folk remedies for many of them – almost the only hope. Traditional medicine helps people all over the world, really helps in the diseases, therefore, will always be in demand.

After I had the first kidney stone and I had surgery, I set myself the task – never to go back on the operating table. In article I, dear readers, will share with you the proven folk recipes from stones in the kidneys.

Folk remedies treatment of kidney stones is not only help from the disease

After surgery on her left kidney stones all the time strive to form again. Was right urologist when I said that surgery kidney stones does not end. Those who have gone through the procedure of removing the stones, whether open surgery. lithotripsy of the kidneys. percutaneous nephrolithotomy or other types of extraction of concrements. my advice – immediately after the surgery begin to treat their disease, start with effective folk recipes.

As divestiture from the kidneys. for some part of people is not a difficult question. They use traditional recipes, from ordinary grass floor flooring, which is sold in pharmacies, to complex herbal mixtures and infusions. I tried the official drugs and dietary supplements, such as canephron. phytolysinum. ciston and others. However, I should reveal a secret, I had no idea what folk remedy will be most effective.

Not only that, they remove kidney stones, and they significantly affect my health and mood! I was never a very cheerful man, always loved a quiet life, but after taking people’s money appears vivacity of spirit, optimism. I began to do them, a few months lost almost 20 kg. found in a huge amount of energy. But that’s another story.

Popular recipes from the kidney stone

These medical fees and charges must drink 1.5-2 cups daily for two to three weeks.So,

You need to take:

2 servings of root calamus

3 portions of the herb Artemisia vulgaris

3 servings flax seed seed

4 servings Boudreau plusiinae

5 parts of fruit of black nightshade

5 parts strawberry

2 servings of peppermint

3 servings of fruit hops

3 portions of the herb Artemisia vulgaris

4 portions of the rhizome and roots of Glycyrrhiza glabra

2 portions of rhizome of rhubarb Tangut

2 portions of the herb yarrow

Collection number 2

2 servings barberry root

2 servings of peppermint leaves

2 servings of cornflower blue flowers

5 parts of nettle root

3 servings of leaf kidney tea

4 portions of the root of burdock

2 servings of grass pastushyei bags

2 servings of fruits dill

2 portions of the herb common Rue

4 servings herb knotweed

2 servings of blueberry leaf

5 parts herb St. John’s wort

If plagued by attacks of nephrolithiasis. you are experiencing the symptoms of renal colic. these fees take in a larger dose, i.e., approximately 5 tablespoons for one liter of water. The procedure of making trivial, i.e. as usual, the collection pour boiling water and infuse for hours.

I know many may immediately arises the question – where to get all these kinds of herbs. Answer – some at the drugstore, some from our own garden, and there are those that found himself in the local Ural forest. I advise you to develop the skill of collecting, harvesting and storing medicinal herbs. If the topic is interesting, these issues can be addressed in a separate article.

If there is not enough components, it does not matter – you can make a collection without some components. If you do not have many components and you can’t find them, then I have two more tested and effective recipe.

4 servings of a cowberry leaf

4 servings horsetail

5 parts of rhizomes of couch grass

3 portions of the herb of Hypericum perforatum

4 servings of corn silk

5 parts of garden parsley

3 servings of peppermint leaves

3 servings black currant leaf

3 portions of shoots of Western arborvitae

3 servings fruit

Great folk remedy for kidney stones is radish juice mixed with honey in the ratio of about 1: 2. To take this therapeutic mixture should be 1 tbsp. spoon a day for three times after 20-30 minutes after a meal, during 1 month.

If you have kidney stones, treatment of folk remedies will help to remove them gently and without surgery. Do not stop there, continue the treatment. Drink these fees at least twice a year, for example, two months in the spring and autumn two months.