Basic techniques of cultivation of various medicinal plants.
Basic procurement organizations (2 days) This company is engaged in design projects of landscape and land, the cultivation and sale of ornamental shrubs, flowers, lawns. In their range there are…

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Herbs and their application in Pediatrics
The best drugs for the treatment of children parents consider drugs based on medicinal plants, first of all, they perceive them as "soft" and effective means. According to the world…

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External application of herbs

In my articles I pay more attention to fees herbs for ingestion in various diseases. Historically herbs were used and for external application, often they are much more effective than many expensive ointments and rubbing. What are herbs and how to use them correctly.

If you dig thoroughly in the literature, for each disease you can find recommendations on the application of dozens of herbs. Without downplaying the importance of other herbs, I will focus on those that, in my opinion, the most effective in each case.

Herbs for wound healing

Ahead of the summer, trips to the country, dressage at nature and other outdoor activities. All this of course promotes good health, but nevertheless inevitable and various minor injuries. If you cut yourself, got a graze or scratch, and no generally accepted means at hand, not a problem. You cared for nature is the healer.

In these cases you can use plantain, dandelion, yarrow, burdock leaf, leaves, Polygonum pochechuynogo, a sheet of lilac or cherry. As you can see the selection is large and cannot be that at least something was nearby.

Application rules are very simple – grind the leaves in your hands to release the juice, applied to the wound covering the top with more leaf and secure it with a bandage. For this purpose perfectly fit any tucked cloth. About osobistosti care is not necessary that the arboreal SAP will not allow to the wound of any germs (repeatedly proven in practice).

Lists quite a few suitable herbs and the list goes on, but the grass is No. 1 for cuts, burns and other skin damage think dandelion. How to use it and why it is the best read – Taraxacum officinale .

Treatment of suppurative chronic wounds and herbs

Here in the first place I will put Kirkason lomonosovidny (common). In various parts of this herb for filonik, vinovnik, panovnik, kocarnik. An article about this herb I haven’t written yet, but I use it quite often. Besides cleaning of purulent wounds of kirkason helps with abrasions.

Still had to use for the treatment of festered wounds baked onions and the leaves of aloe. With aloe more difficult to treat need lain for not less than 5 days in the fridge leaf. Fresh for this purpose are not suitable.

Herbs for treatment of joints

There will be no first or even third place – all too individually. I will tell only about that has helped me or my good friend.

Well stops the pain and has a therapeutic effect infusion of the roots of cinquefoil, which can not only RUB, but also taken orally. Rarely mentioned exotic fruit Adam’s Apple (maclura) proved very useful for outdoor use. You can follow the link and get acquainted with this medicinal herb.

Had to apply and burdock leaf, and cabbage leaf. And the cabbage leaf must be good “beat” that made the juice. And better yet, put the sheet pan of boiling water for 15 minutes. The leaf becomes very different properties.

Of alcoholic liquors tried: tincture of flowers of lilac, thyme tincture and a tincture made from multicomponent collection. Not amazing results, but has not become worse, that’s for sure.

Ointments of herbs for the treatment of joints

You can prepare at home and ointments using herbs. But they all prepared themselves with ointments wakes one serious drawback – they are poorly stored. I liked the other method.

Take the pharmacy prepared the ointment for joints (I like ointment cinquefoil). Balsam Dikul not suitable, for our purposes they are too liquid. In a small jug squeezing need 3 -5 days number of ointments and added in alcohol tincture. You need to constantly stir and to ensure that the mix remained similar in composition to the ointment. Add as much as possible.

To enhance the warming action you can add a bee or snake venom (of course materials). Wife prefers to add finalgon. As you can see, it affects even my love for complex multi-component assemblies.

Once again I repeat – there is no panacea. And to the magician in a blue helicopter, too little hope. So try, experiment. Moreover, when an external application of herbs to run into trouble is much more complicated. Good Luck To You.