1. Quantum therapy (a constant magnetic field, pulsed red light, low-intensity infrared laser, broadband infrared radiation). Treatment process, based on methods polyfactorial quantum (laser) therapy, uses the impact of low-energy,…

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Kidney stones - treatment of folk remedies without a surgical knife
Kidney stones cure folk remedies Every day huge numbers of people, tired of negligent doctors, looking for information on the Internet about how to cure their diseases folk remedies. Are…

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Self-medication using medicinal plants

The doctrine of natural therapeutic factors of medicinal plants occupy a special place. Acquaintance with the medicinal properties of plants lalele out in the past and is closely linked with a thousand years history of human development. The names of Hippocrates, Pliny and Dioscorid, collected, compiled and recorded information about the medicinal properties of plants accumulated by the ancient Greeks and Romans, known to every expert in this area. It’s safe to say that will never be forgotten Galen, abbess Hildegard of Bingen, albert the Great, Paracelsus, Sebastian Kneipp and the priest Küntzle, each of which has contributed to the development of herbal medicine. In the late middle ages were very popular herbalists who contributed to the dissemination of knowledge about the healing power of plants.

Herbal medicine today

Over time, the doctrine of the use of medicinal plants for health purposes has grown into science, which became known as phyto (from the Greek. phyton — a plant and therapeia treatment) or herbal treatment. Experts find out why and act on the human body herbs, identify chemical compounds and isolated them in laboratory conditions to establish their properties and features.

Thanks conducted in recent years, research has considerably expanded nachinaniya about why certain plants have certain effects on the body. However, it should be noted that the force on the body of essential contained in the plant compounds cannot be equated to the impact of plants in General!

The impact of plants in General on the body, unlike some chemical compounds in pure form, more versatile and less aggressive. Experts have learned to identify which substances included in the composition of plants, complement each other, under what conditions they enhance the therapeutic effect or inhibit certain reactions in the body. As a result of the medicinal plants are considered not only as carriers of biologically active substances, but rather as a way of putting an impact on the patient. Understanding this is certainly a great achievement of modern herbal medicine.

Observe the rules of use of medicinal plants

Herbalism, being a part of naturopathy, recognized by doctors and used successfully in practice as in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases and to relieve everyday ailments. The forms of application of medicinal plants: baths of decoctions, infusions, inhalations, rubbing, drops, pills, juices, infusions or suppositories. All these preparations are prepared from fresh or dried medicinal plants.

Under certain conditions self-treatment using medicinal herbs can be extremely effective. However, their use should be primarily for the prevention of diseases. For medicinal plants it is recommended to resort to remedy lung ailments or treat an already existing disease at an early stage (for example, when viral respiratory infections).

However, should not be considered a medicinal plant with miraculous product suitable for treatment of all diseases. A positive result is possible only in the case of competent use of appropriate plants and careful observance of the rules and dosage of intake.

A common misconception is the view that all the healing tools given to us by nature, you can apply without hesitation for they can’t be hurt. However, not all plants contain the elements harmless. They have a very strong effect, otherwise would not be able to heal. That is why you should think of the plants used as medicines.

If in the process of medication using medicinal plants you suddenly appear painful symptoms (stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rashes on the bunk), immediately stop taking them and consult your doctor.

With chronic illnesses to use medicinal plants is possible only after consultation with supervising physician. As a complement to medical treatment with herbs can be very effective.

It is impossible to remove with the help of medicinal plants the high temperature and severe pain without Council with the doctor.

Follow the rules of the use of medicinal plants. They can be eaten both fresh and dry, preparing infusions and decoctions, which have a strong therapeutic effect. Besides practicing General bath or polobunny with aromatic or medicinal herbs, steam baths, inhalation, douches, wraps, washing and rinsing.

Baths with herbal extracts