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Reiki – healing hands

Reiki is one of energy healing which treats any disease of man from the point of view of life energy, or rather its shortage or excess in the organs and systems of the physical body. This spiritual practice of Reiki came from Tibet, then spread to Egypt, Rome, Ancient Greece, India and further East. The system of Reiki was kept in great secret and was available only to the initiated. This doctrine was re-established in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. This practice uses a technique of “healing hands”.

Why we put your hand to the sore spot

Reiki is the name given to the healing energy that nature has to offer. Everyone has access to this energy. If a person accidentally hits something or just feels pain, he did not hesitate, apply to this place hand and hold it there. In doing so, he sends his healing energy into the affected area.

Access to this energy Reiki is one, but to send only 5-10% of the healing energy. Reiki allows you to open a channel through which will flow a significant amount of energy, which allows to obtain significant advances in treatment.

In violation of the energy shell of a person, the healer of Reiki through my hands enriches this area with life energy “Ki”, which is synthesized from the ambient Space, i.e., creates a channel of “clean”energy Reiki (Reiki), which will begin to feed the damaged organs or systems of the patient, resulting in the recovery of the energy shell. Allowing you to quickly restore health and normalize the function of the body.

Differences of Reiki energy healing from conventional

Reiki method differs from the usual energy healing. the fact that healers use clean energy space, which is quite easily absorbed by human.

In order to quickly connect a person to higher energies, Reiki is used in special symbols (signs and characters). These symbols do not require long years of spiritual practice or meditation mandatory, they affect the subconscious and cause changes in the inner state of a person, so they connect to a higher source of energy.

To understand the technique of Reiki, you need to consider the practice of healing at all. You need to refer to physics of the subtle bodies and modern scientific research of energy-informational processes of the plans of matter existence.

The energy shell (aura) of a person

Every man except for his physical body has energy shell, which is called bio-field or aura. This shell is created by energy information radiation of all organs and systems of the body and as a result of passing signals of the brain through biologically active points. In addition, over the energy shell, there are 3 subtle material shell: intellectual, emotional, and software.

Emotional shell is formed as a result of “foaming” the surface of the energy shell of man from positive emotions such as joy and pleasure. The more a person receives positive emotions, the more becomes his emotional shell. Emotional sheath performs the function of a lens, which collects the parallel-sided space on the crown of man. This radiation energizes the energy shell of a person which affects the functioning of organs and systems in the human body.

The importance of the energy level

When a person has little energy, he has chronic fatigue syndrome, it is more susceptible to colds, etc. This person needs to raise his level of energy, it can be done through the replenishment of its energy shell “pure” cosmic energy that can pass through the hands of a healer.

Greatly relieved by the infusion of external energy during the Reiki treatment, the person will not solve your main problem, which is hidden in his world, this energy pumping will quickly be spent from-for absence of own sources of replenishment from the cosmic energy.

Subtle shell of a man dynamic, they are constantly changing. Its changes depend on the stress that one experiences, but also from those situations in which he finds himself.