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Vanilla – description, application


Habitat and history

Vanilla refers to the vines perennial of the Orchid family. In Latin – pod – vainilla. There are about a hundred species of plants. This is the only type of Orchid that bears fruit.

Vanilla was grown in Central America before the arrival of Columbus. The locals used the vanilla in food as a spice. For example, it was added to chocolate. Vanilla was so popular and valuable that the Aztecs had to pay tribute to vanilla.

Europeans learned about spices, when he visited America in the early 16th century. America, Mexico, Caribbean Islands, Central Africa, Madagascar, India and Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, China is the country where now spread the vanilla.

The first acquaintance with the vanilla Europeans occurred in America in the early XVI century. Vanilla spread in the Equatorial belt of South America, throughout Central America, Mexico, Central Africa, Caribbean Islands, Madagascar, Southeast Asia and China, in South India and Sri Lanka.

Today it is cultivated three types of vanilla to obtain spices. They all come from vanilla, found in Central America and in Mexico.

These are the following types:

vildosola (Vanillaplanifolia)

Andrews vanilla (vanilla premium grade). Cultivation the vanilla is engaged in the Central America, Caribbean Islands, Madagascar, Indonesia. The leaves are distinguished by their light green hue. Flowers yellow, rather large (up to 12 cm in diameter). As a result of artificial pollination, the pods appear, which are the fruits. It turns out the spice. This species differs in that the flowers have a very intense and pleasant aroma.

vanilla Antillean (VanillapomponaSchiede). It is also used to obtain spices, but it does not possess the highest qualities. It can be found in the States of Central America.The most suitable climate for vanilla is humid tropical.


Cooking is the most extensive application of vanilla. It is often used for making biscuit, cakes, creams cakes, chocolates, mousses, soufflés.

Vanilla is used to flavor dishes and drinks, especially liqueurs. To use vanilla in confectionery products, spices pod cut, his grain and the pulp interfere with sugar powder or sugar.

Vanilla is also used in medicine.

Its therapeutic properties include the following:

elimination of insomnia

improved digestion

normalization of acidity

neutralization of the action of alcohol

normalization of blood sugar,

improving the performance of

the relief of premenstrual syndrome

improvement of health

Vanilla oil

The national medicine widely uses oil vanilla. Vanilla is indispensable in the treatment of nervous breakdowns. Today, vanilla is used for better digestion, relief from gas and intestinal colic. Many healers say that it can be treated anemia.

Essential oils of vanilla exude a subtle fragrance that is considered effective aphrodisiac. Most of the components which includes vanilla oil, stimulate sexual activity, which contributes to all physiological processes.

In cosmetics one of the main roles assigned to the vanilla, because all the useful components are an excellent tool for skin care. Essential vanilla oil essential for dry and irritated skin prone to flaking.

Studies have shown that the systematic use of oils vanilla skin healthy and moisturized. Also bleaching of the skin and slow down the process of aging.

Vanilla oil is used in the fight against mosquitoes. The smell of vanilla for these insects is unacceptable, so mosquitoes will not be able to create discomfort in the warm summer evenings.

The aroma of vanilla is widely used in aromatherapy. It is proved that the scent of vanilla increases appetite. And the fishermen say that the fish are attracted by the chocolate with vanilla butter.

Vanilla scent, fatigue, aggression, irritability. In the house he creates an atmosphere of calm and comfort.

Treatment and hair care

Since ancient times women use vanilla oil for hair care. In modern cosmetology vanilla is included with gels, mousses, conditioners. The components included in it, gives your hair silky and smooth.

Also some people believe that vanilla oil is able to restore damaged hair structure. This is facilitated by the mask of oil of vanilla.

Vanilla oil against cellulite

In the era of fast food and sedentary lifestyles, have become popular essential tools in the fight against excess weight. Vanilla oil contains a component, using which a rapid saturation of the organism, which, in principle, preclude overeating.

Vanilla oil blends well with cinnamon, ginger and oil of Ylang-ylang.