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The ABC of Herbs: the ABC of medicinal plants and herbs
Medicinal plants Currently more and more people begin to study medicinal plants — a priceless gift of nature. The use of medicinal plants and herbs to treat a variety of…

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The ABC of Herbs: the ABC of medicinal plants and herbs

Medicinal plants

Currently more and more people begin to study medicinal plants — a priceless gift of nature. The use of medicinal plants and herbs to treat a variety of diseases and ailments gives great results. Therefore, herbal treatment (herbalism) is widely used in traditional medicine traditional folk medicine.

Every year is improving care for the population of our country. The quality of the treatment population is only possible through the satisfaction of human needs in effective drugs.

Up to 40% of the total number of drugs used in the treatment of cardiovascular, nervous system and gastro-intestinal tract and liver are the drugs of plant origin, that is created from medicinal plants and herbs. The most important source of medicinal raw materials used by the medical industry, and also in folk medicine (herbalism) are wild plants and wild herbs.

Medicinal herbs have long attracted the attention of the Russian people. In the “Izbornik Grand Prince Svyatoslav Yaroslavich” (XI century) described many medicinal plants and their therapeutic use. In 1588 was published the first Russian “Travnik”, where they were given instructions about neodnorodnom the use of wild herbs for herbal medicine. Became widely used medicinal herbs in Russia in the middle of XVII and early XVIII century When Atacama herbalism practiced in Russia for centuries.

The study of medicinal plants and use their medicinal properties, the use of medicinal herbs in treating various ailments has begun since time immemorial. The labours of botanists, pharmacologists, chemists, pharmacists discovered and put into practice many medicinal plants, not previously known to scientific medicine — thermopsis, plantain, dandelion, burdock, cottonweed, motherwort, everlasting, sorrel, and others that made it possible to replace a number of chemicals. Appeared drugs from lower plants (fungi and algae). Identify new therapeutic agents from plant material alkaloids, cardiac glycosides, saponins, terpenes, flavones, organic acids, essential oils, vitamins, phytoncids, lactones, bitterness, Tandy and others. All of these scientific advances have influenced the development of modern and most effective methods of herbalism.

Grow annually harvesting of medicinal plants and herbs. However, the magnitude of workpieces in General, and especially for certain types of plants, do not always satisfy the growing needs of pharmacy chains, medical industry and traditional medicine.

Flora and vegetation of Russia is rich and varied. So only in the Volga Federal district higher plants, no mosses, there are more than 1500 species. And in the flora of this region are more than 150 species of wild and cultivated medicinal plants and herbs used in scientific and folk medicine.

This site is about medicinal plants and healing herbs, and how to apply them in modern herbalism, includes a brief description of the important and promising kinds of plants and herbs permitted for use in medical practice.

It should be noted that quality and useful information about distribution, stocks of medicinal herbs and the placing of medicinal plants is still not so much.

In addition, noticeable changes in the medical assessment of a number of medicinal plants: some highlighted new therapeutic substances, and prepare valuable medicines; others are excluded from medical use.

However, the degree of knowledge of flora and vegetation in our country is every year increasing considerably. Numerous expeditions in different regions of Russia provide an opportunity to carry out Botanical studies of the distribution of medicinal plants, determine the stocks of medicinal herbs and to identify the plants used for herbal medicine by the local population.

For the study of medicinal plants and use of plants for medical purposes using a classification and taxonomy of plants and herbs. Compiled detailed and brief descriptions of plants. The short descriptions of morphological and biological characteristics of medicinal plants indicate their main features that distinguish a plant of this species from the others, systematically close.

The location of the plant is indicated by the silvicultural, Botanical and geographical areas.

On this site contains a brief Botanical descriptions of plants, time information collection, storage and use of medicinal plants growing in Central Russia.

It is forbidden to use the information provided on this site as a guide for self-treatment. Only a doctor can properly assess the health of the patient and prescribe the appropriate treatment. All medicinal plants and herbs, and other remedies, can be used only on the instructions and doctor’s recommendations.