New methods of alternative medicine
Alternative medicine uses unconventional methods of treatment, is opposed to official medicine. Alternative medicine is a set of methods of treatment that can be a substitute for traditional medicine. The…

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External application of herbs
In my articles I pay more attention to fees herbs for ingestion in various diseases. Historically herbs were used and for external application, often they are much more effective than…

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Alternative medicine in Germany

During many years of communication with patients noticed, the patients are divided into two camps. Some blindly believe the official medicine with its pills, chemotherapy and other unpleasant attributes, others vehemently believe in traditional medicine, Chinese, Indian, Tibetan, etc. For those who believe in the natural forces of the body, folk medicine provided enough examples. For those who don’t believe – prove, not show, how many cured patients don’t bring in the example – will be too little. Besides, not all people love to talk about their troubles or to demonstrate openly the passport data. These reasons, and for ethical reasons I have insisted on a number of successful examples on display was minimal. But at the same time I tried to make the actual person was as complete as possible.

Securely means? What are the guarantees of a cure?

The best thing about secure balm says the positive experience of its use. Take the example of recovery Hanaway Marina Alexeyevna. In 2000, she was treated Moscow, Hematology research center Department chemotherapy of leukemia and pathology of erythrone of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences with a diagnosis of acute myelomonoblastic. invasive aspergillosis of the lungs. According to her, at the same time with the same diagnosis was treated and Raisa S. Gorbachev, with the subsequent transfer to Germany for treatment. Hanova, M. A., in 2000. after many hospital procedures still turned to me, “Balm Sergeev”. Ten years have passed, as they say, the result on the face.

Why on the Internet there are no positive reviews of “Balm Sergeev”?

It’s my approach and the desire of patients themselves, using a balm for treatment. Explain with examples. First: as I told one patient arrived at my balm, she had literally on his knees to beg my address at his friend, recovered with the help of my balm from cancer.

Second: at the end of April 2013 in Yalta was held the XIX international Congress on health in which I participated. To participate in the Congress at my request came from Bashkiria former patient Marina A. Khanova. At the Congress she was given the floor. She spoke about the history of his illness, that the doctors gave her two months of life that the residents of Lenora, where she lived, raised money for her funeral, and that thanks to the “Balm Sergeev” she recovered, leads an active lifestyle, plays sports. It would seem – why not share the joy? However, Ms. Keene admitted that my balm does not tell anyone, because in her opinion, everything will go to me, and take balm, and if she or her loved ones, God forbid, it be needed again, it may not be in stock. It’s one thing when a product is commercialized (large production volumes need to increase your sales, which means that advertising and reviews are needed). The other my case, when a balm is made in limited numbers and with all my desire, all patients it is not enough.

Why “Balm Sergeev” is so cheap compared to other means of treatment?

Firstly, everything is relative, and all people have different capabilities. Some patients, indeed, be fooled by the low price balm: in Israel or Germany to undergo treatment more expensive, but without guarantees of recovery (remember the sad results of treatment abroad Raisa Gorbacheva and Alexander Abdulov). “Sergeev balm” can be purchased for a reasonable sum and guaranteed to heal.

Dear, if the price of the balm you really seem obscenely low – I assure you, we will agree. Will recover for a more substantial amount, but is guaranteed to recover. Please!