External application of herbs
In my articles I pay more attention to fees herbs for ingestion in various diseases. Historically herbs were used and for external application, often they are much more effective than…

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Alternative medicine in Germany
During many years of communication with patients noticed, the patients are divided into two camps. Some blindly believe the official medicine with its pills, chemotherapy and other unpleasant attributes, others…

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The recipe for beautiful Breasts: drink coffee with cabbage!

A sensational study scientists made women nervous. Judge for yourself: according to experts, daily consumption of three cups of coffee can reduce breast size. Think you kidding? Yes…it would!

Women can hardly quibble over your own bust. Especially when proud of themselves, and nothing. But supporters of traditional medicine seem willing to pour jokes above the belt as much as you want. Though believe, though check… Woman’s day, inspired by another study on “the miraculous properties of” coffee, I decided to learn all of the most popular means of breast enlargement. And here’s what we got…

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Possible result: a Significant increase in the growth of the mammary glands.

Method of application: to Put a thin net on the “right” area. Combined with intense physical procedures, developing chest muscles.

What the trick is: Once on the skin, causing increased blood flow to the selected area. And physical exercises, massages and contrast showers will consolidate the results.

Flax seeds, bean curd and beans

Possible outcome: Increase Breasts by two(!) size.

Method of application: Upotrebleniem food.

In focus: flax seed, soy sauce, and beans contain large amounts of estrogen, which promotes the development of glands.

Diet concubines: 20 breakfasts harem

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Possible outcome: Increase breast size is one size.

Method of use: Eaten fresh in salads. You can also eat sauerkraut.

In focus: Cabbage, affects the hormones that cause breast growth.

Dairy products

Possible outcome: Increase growth of mammary glands.

Method of application: Consumption.

In focus: Dairy products boost your metabolism and contribute to the production of estrogen.

Raw dough

Possible outcome: Increase breast growth to indeterminate size…

Usage: Eat raw dough in adolescence. This product, according to the supporters of traditional medicine, causes intensive growth of mammary glands.

In focus: the Authors of folk stories (“the Girl who eats raw dough, the breast grows large”) honestly admit they do not know the causes of breast growth after eating test. According to them, most likely(!), a case in the high content of vitamins in the product. In one the authors of the beauty prescription sure: chest is really growing.

Other recipes that help to grow breast

— Consumption of specific products (honey and walnuts, green apples, fish, red wine).

— Adoption of a contrast shower.

— Compresses from geranium oil and ylang-ylang.

— RUB the Breasts with almond oil.

— The use of products containing hops.

— The use of yellow cards in the “right” places.

Are you satisfied with your breast size?

Yeah, I third (or fourth)! Quite, I have a second I Have a small chest, but no one has complained Not. But thanks to push-APU! Now it is. Plastic surgeons can work wonders! Experience the recipes of traditional medicine for all I care

Something to hide: the stars before and after plastic surgery

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Expert opinion

Physician, member of the Russian society of cardiology Denis Prokofiev:

— Why some women, voluptuous bust, while others average? Breast size is primarily a genetic predisposition. However, it can interfere such external factor such as infection. Childhood sore throat or any other infectious disease could affect the formation of the chest and, in spite of hereditary factors, to inhibit the development of breast tissue.

As you described the ways… As a physician and the son of a plastic surgeon can say for sure: cabbage, dough and other foods in breast augmentation won’t help. Poultices and mustard plasters are also not effective, but also dangerous. All traditional methods of “growing” Breasts, is a myth.

If we talk in medical terms, a breast consists of glandular tissue and increase its volume it is possible only at the expense of the implant. To influence the growth of glandular tissue some herbs, ointments or eating impossible. Only breast implants or… overweight. If you get better, at the expense of adipose tissue, the Breasts will become larger, however, as all the rest of the body.