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The Altai Shamans

Altai is the place where Magic lives. It makes itself known through places of Power, using the amazing beauty of Nature through her priceless gifts and unique people who know how to communicate with spirits, the shamans of the Altai.

Shamanism for a long time and seriously studied from different points of view: religious, ethnographic, cultural, philosophical, psychological… it is written lots of books, articles and monographs. Around this phenomenon many disputes, mysteries, legends and questions.

Why are people so interested in shamanism?

The more science develops, the technique, the more complex the world becomes, in other words, the faster your progress, the more destroyed the people are connected with each other and with Nature. But on the unconscious level we feel, how this relationship is important to us, how it fills our lives with power and meaning, and we grieve this loss. And we appeal to those who have managed to maintain that powerful connection.

In Siberia, there are living examples of those whose lifestyle is close to Nature and to its Strength, it’s the shamans. Interesting shamanic view of the world, about interaction with Nature, shamanic rituals and attributes. The more we learn about them, about what they are, the more we learn and understand something important about myself too. Speransky in his book “the Gift of shamanism, the gift of volkovaya” suggests that shamanisms the Russian people, and what we know as shamanism, in the Russian tradition called the find your, and included in the practice of the Magi.

So who is he – the shaman?

The shaman is a person who has a rare gift – he is able to immerse himself in a special, altered state of consciousness, in order to communicate with the spirit world. He does this in order to negotiate with the spirits on the execution of certain instructions.

Not everyone can become a shaman. Researcher E. A. Alekseenko wrote: “the gift of the Shaman confessed is eternal, and its carriers — another witch — was only temporary (one human life) shared links in the endless chain of existence”. It was believed that the gift is inherited, paternal or maternal line.

Shamans view about the world is very imaginative and poetic. For example, it is believed that every object or phenomenon of Nature, even of stone or rain, with owner – independent being. And this host is intelligence and appearance. The shaman is able to communicate with the owner, recognizing him and obeying him. Thus, shamans provide ordinary people a prosperous life on earth.

The universe, according to the beliefs of the shamans has two poles: on one of the Sky gods, the other gods of Earth. There are other forces not already in a vertical and in a horizontal world. In order to find answers to the questions, the shamans travel a lot, both vertically — rising to the sky and descending under the ground, and horizontally, in the space of the real world, and in the space of another reality.

Interesting idea about the shamans of the human soul. The soul is the gift of God of the Sky, it hits the ground in the form of solar rays or shooting stars (the body of man created by the gods of the Earth). The concept of a soul doesn’t look anything as described the soul in world religions, particularly in Christianity. In the shamanic worldview, the individual has many souls (or the soul has several components). Even the name is used more, not shower, and double. The DoppelgangeR has the ability to leave the body during sleep, wander a little light in the area, and returned back at the awakening man. Or not to return… Double could catch the master of the mountains or the taiga, he could become the victim of an evil spirit, to get lost. In this case, a person was threatened by the disease. The shaman was able to find and return a lost twin.

The ceremony conducted by a shaman, is called exorcism. The word has a Turkic root “Kam”, value him – sorcerer, witch doctor, soothsayer. This ceremony was usually accompanied by the sacrifice of a domestic animal deities and spirits. During the ritual counterpart of the shaman makes travel between different areas of the triple Universe (heaven, earth and subterranean) together with his helper spirits, which protect the shaman and help him in this way. Journey to the sky one of the most difficult journeys of the shaman, it is not a trivial task. The most characteristic of shamans was the journey into the lower, underground world. There is a ritual to the deity of the Altai, its sacred mountains.

The rite has a certain order, however, the ritual is never the same completely. Depending on the purpose, the ceremony could be held at different times of the day and could continue for several days. The purpose of the ritual was the healing of a sick person, searching for missing items, animals, people, the impact of the weather and predictions and prophecies. The treatment was the most popular and widespread for the purpose of ritual. About the emergence of diseases were two views. On the first view the appearance of the disease was due to indwelling the person malicious. Another view was associated with the fact that the counterpart of man – his soul — went out of the body.

The place for the ritual had great significance, the important role played by shamanistic ritual attributes and vestments. Especially great is the value of the tambourine of the shaman, all major activities of the shaman during the ritual associated with it.

Altai shamanism is an ancient religion with bright ritual worship and special condition of his servants during the ritual. And this peculiarity is mistaken for the essence of shamanism, this is fixed with the main focus of eyewitnesses and researchers. The essence of shamanism in the deification and worship of Nature, reverence for its great power and wisdom.