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Buryat shamans put on your feet doomed

When you tried all the traditional methods and hope for healing are almost there, the residents of Buryatia are often out to non-traditional medicine. One of the many methods used by local shamans, — wrap the patient with animal innards. It is believed that this is an extremely dangerous and complex form of treatment.

Wrap the innards of the animal is considered to be one of the most complicated ancient rituals, and will undertake it only a few shamans. In Buryatia the one who treats so — shaman Sergey Damdinov . He allowed the reporter to observe the process, but to tell all the secrets refused.

– If wrap will be wrong, people can die. This takes into account all the nuances, it is important to have sacred knowledge.

Sergey Damdinov, shaman

Each rite Sergey Damdinova is hard. He says worried, because, as a rule, wrappings for many the last chance.

Svetlana horoshko chronic renal failure several times a week hemodialysis and the chances of a cure is almost none. She and her husband arrived from the Irkutsk region. To Ulan-Ude, they made it 18 hours, they say, was dangerous, the roads are solid ice.

– While driving, so many cars in the ditches seen,it is terrible, of course, but I think our visit worth it. I very much hope for a cure. With Sergey have got acquainted in Irkutsk at some ceremony, we were brought there, good friend. At the time our friend’s back hurt badly, and Sergey helped him, he was a good masseur and a chiropractor.

Svetlana horoshko, patient

To wrap Svetlana had to buy a sheep. According to Sergey, sex is a very important point. For men it is obligatory animal is a male. Sheep sacrifice. According to the beliefs of the shamans, animal literally gives his life to man and because of his organs, the patient stands up.

During the butchering of a sheep is sick in a well heated room, where her and draped the internal organs of the animal. This is the mirror principle, that is, the liver to the liver, lungs for lungs, heart heart, etc.

Expert opinion. Olga Matasova, the chief physician of the Republican center of medical prophylaxis.

— Official medicine has always stood and stands on the foundations of evidence. Supposed to take some research, and only then it is safe to say, helps it or not. I am of the opinion that if a person helps, even on a psychological, mental level, then let it be.

From the point of view of physiology, I can say that there is a powerful thermal effect, and the heat of contact, alive. There is a method of treatment is heat therapy, and therefore we can say that the wraps may improves blood circulation, activates the production of biologically active substances, etc. Thermal effect in most cases is positive, although not always recommended.

As for acute infective States, when such treatment can cause an activation, it is very harmful. Cancer patients, as a rule, grasping at the last straw, and in this respect I would like to say no, because I don’t see a mechanism that would improve the course of cancer. This can be proved by my colleagues. Cancer patients, treated non-traditional types, just wasting your time and the chance of a cure, because they are the hardest processes.

– After the death of the animal on his internal organs remains a residual energy, a kind of aura, so organs overlap each other. Thanks to the biofield of an animal diseased human organs begin to recover. In this lies the main secret: power of the animal effect as a battery. This way you can cure almost all diseases, but chronic type. If we compare traditional modern medicine with folk healing, for example, if a person has hurt the kidneys, then in the hospital, respectively, will be treated, the kidneys, and traditional medicine covers the entire body, starting with his aura and ending with a sick body.

Tsyrendorzhiyev Bair, Chairman of MROS “Tengeri”

After wrapping the patient warn — need to comply with all regulations, otherwise the treatment may go down the drain.

When envelopments opens all the pores, the body is updated to become similar to babies. So you need to protect yourself accordingly. For example, Svetlana will have three days to get out of bed, to insulate and protect themselves. Husband literally would wear her in my arms, just like a little child. Her illness is quite serious, and for a full recovery little one wraps, we have to repeat, but it’s a year later.

Sergey Damdinov, shaman

Sergey to shamanism came five years ago. Said, was ready for this. His family and mother, grandmother and shamans and is also involved in the wrap. So from an early age he not only was present at such rituals, but it helped. Independently began to heal after the dedication.

Asked once a man, he was 58 years old, he was not working the kidney and liver. The doctors gave him, said that he had not long to live. And by the way, so he started to accrue a large pension, say, not long left. The wrapping was his last hope. Today he runs better than me, on the ninth floor, he runs up as a young. His wife, incidentally, is younger than him by almost 30 years, they now have two children.

Sergey Damdinov, shaman