Popular recipes from Olga Anokhina: “From spring depression will save broth hips”

“Strength” — we often speak in March. And first the sun is not happy, and sleepy, and all irritating. Sensing weakness, many run to the drugstore for vitamins. Although there are time-tested folk remedies, get rid of vitamin deficiency and depression. In our category Olga Anokhina shares the recipes that have been collected for decades. But before applying consult with your doctor.

“It is no wonder that after the winter we feel exhausted, — says Olga. — Not enough sun outside, warmth in the soul, of vitamins in the body. Here and covers us depression. How to deal with it? You need to pamper yourself, your favorite bring joy to the soul. In such cases help of a bath with lime broth.

I recommend during the day to drink an infusion of rosehips, about the magic properties of which knew our grandmothers, — the fruits of “wild rose” return power to the body. Pour into a saucepan a Cup of water, bring to the boil and add a tablespoon of rose hips. Boil another 10 minutes, and the mixture insist 12 hours. Prepare a decoction in the evening and drink a glass in the morning — it will support Vassily during the day. Just two cups a day for two weeks to recover after winter. If the rose hips add a tablespoon of Rowan berries, you will get a natural vitamin complex that is sold in pharmacies. If the broth seems bitter, sweeten it with Linden honey.

Sometimes, after the winter intensifies the pain. His feet felt like lead poured. The severity will relieve a decoction made of seeds shells. Rinse a tablespoon of husk and boil in 3 liters of water. Let it cool and drink 3 times a day for a glass, saying, “I will Arise prayerfully go blagoslovi, door to door, from gate to gate, in the open field, in an open field stands a Golden throne, sitting on it the Holy virgin. Worship, pray, mercy asked, no whining, no hurt, neither young, nor the setting, nor morning, nor evening sunsets, as the afterglow fades, decumbent, and all disease of the servant of God (name) was gone out, he died”.

The effect of herbs enhances proper preparation. The fruits or flowers, wrap them in bags of linen or calico, hang out the window. At dawn say, “early Morning, cold dew, victodia my illness to attack, heal me on their own, otogreyte my heart, my body is ailing, give me the will and healing. On the grass fell the first light of dawn, the sun dried up the white pain on the dew left the illness to attack my illness-my hopeless longing. I have gone powerless.”

The stems and leaves decompose in a Sunny day on the paper on the lawn at the cottage or in front of the house, and read: “Lord Jesus Christ, the sun came out clear from the clouds, the sun came out bright and early at the sky, looked at the ground far, drier herb Rosen, darted bitter anxiety from me, servant of God (name), out of my body pure, my soul desolate. So let they fly, my sadness and horobi, in the open field, by the black wind, let him save me, the servant of God (name), long stems, soft leaves, let grass will protect me from troubles and misfortunes, let my word be strong and unbreakable. Amen.”

Bathing with herbs pour the broth into the water and pray for good health, “father, Holy and strong, by the grace of STROJJ all for the salvation of the human race, visit this Your servant (name), narisawa the name of Thy Christ, heal him from all disease and let go of carnal sin and sinful temptations, and Saku attack, and any invasion napryazhenno make far away from Your servant. And raise up from the bed of sin, and set him in Your Holy Church of sound mind and body, kindness, and praising with all the people the name of Thy Christ, thou glory wassalaam You, from Beginningless T. Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.”

How to make rejuvenating bath

Bath with decoction of lime — this is true salvation after a long winter. They invigorate, return lost strength and good spirits, and due to the fact that Lipa has a diaphoretic effect, expel all ailments of the body that have accumulated over the winter. And lime bath can create a real miracle. The flowers of this tree have unique properties — they rejuvenate the female body. Try it! A couple of baths a week and in a month you will feel much more energetic and skin condition will improve. The broth to cook just poured 3 cups of dry Linden flowers in 3 liters of water, boil for 3 minutes. Pour the mixture into the bath and immersed in it for 10-15 minutes.