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High pressure: the treatment of folk remedies

The disease in moderate and severe requires medication, but at the start, sparing methods of treatment can give an effective result. But even in this case it is important to consult a specialist. So, how to treat high blood pressure?

Here are some useful tips and guidelines:

To use at night before bed half a Cup of broth clover.

The plant Golden mustache may well help in the fight against disease. Purple part of the flower should be cut and pour the vodka. Be sure to take an odd number of parts of the plant and 500 ml of vodka. The tincture must be put in a dark place for 12 days. Be taken in the morning before eating a dessert spoon.

Honey (half a Cup) mix with grated lemon and five cloves of garlic. Infuse the mixture for a week in the heat, then put in the refrigerator. Drink small spoon three times a day.

Add a tea spoon of cinnamon in a Cup of yogurt and healthy drink is ready.

Very effective hypertension different fees herbs. One of them: chamomile, Hypericum, immortelle, strawberry, birch buds, taken in equal quantities. The decoction is prepared as follows: two tablespoons of the collection brewed in 400 ml of hot water. Herbal take 200 ml odines a day before meals. If you have allergic reactions to grass receiving to stop.

Another recipe to fight high blood pressure: Chinese green tea brewed with boiling water, add 20 drops of alcohol tincture of calendula.

When excessive pressure is frequently elevated cholesterol, and impaired heart. With the unpleasant symptoms will help to make elecampane root. Crushed root (70 g), pour a decoction of the untreated oats (cooked so it is 50 grams of oats boiled in 5 liters of water) and insist four hours. Then the infusion boil again and leave for a couple of hours. After that, you can add the 40 grams of honey. One glass of the tincture is divided into three divided doses per day. The treatment should last for two weeks.

Very useful for hypertension watermelon. Ground his bones take half spoon.

To cope with high pressure will help wiping mint broth.

Church Cahors wine in small doses is a very effective way of decompression. To make wine you need two tablespoons three times a day.

Creamed beet juice mixed with honey in equal quantity. Take 4 tbsp a day for three weeks. In the mix also fashionable to add juices of lemon, carrot and horseradish. Vitamin mixture take one Cup 2 times a day.

Often the cause of high blood pressure is the change of weather. When meteodependent will help the imposition of mustard plasters on the neck.

Very useful for hypertension black currant. You can make jam from fruit or brewing teas from them.

Pour the unshelled sunflower seeds with water, let them boil. The resulting broth to take during the day.

Folk remedies for pressure, time-tested

There are many very effective and efficient means to treat hypertension. Great help to lower your blood pressure herbal cranberry, licorice, birch buds. Are some effective recipes to help in the fight against the disease are listed below.

Wonderful folk remedy high blood pressure – cranberries. Two glasses of cranberry mixed with 100 grams of sugar, heat and bring to a boil. Be taken before meals for one Cup.

A great tool has long been considered honey. Mix a Cup of honey with lemon juice, Then add to the mixture a glass of beet and carrot juice. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator. Take a large spoonful three hours after a meal.

Crushed plantain filled with vodka. To prepare the tincture take 4 tbsp of the plant. To insist in a dark place for two weeks. After the strain and take on an empty stomach. The dose of 30 drops to take three times a day.

Throughout the week, drink on an empty stomach a glass of mineral water with addition of honey (tablespoon) and lemon juice from half of the fruit.

Many folk healers recommend for the treatment of hypertension to use the mountain ash. Fasting should be regularly consumed to ash juice or take a tablespoon of Rowan berries red.

Black currants have always been famous for their healing properties. Pour the boiling water two spoonfuls of berries and boil on low heat for ten minutes. A decoction of currant infused for about an hour, then filtered. Take broth ¼ Cup 4 times a day.

Another folk remedy pressure high – the berries of viburnum. To prepare means you must grind to puree state five tablespoons of the fruit of viburnum. Add the honey, heat the mixture on the fire and infuse for two hours. Take after food 4 times a day tablespoon.

Sophora Japanese and chestnut are taken together to prevent the formation of blood clots. For preparation of medicine is taken for 10 grams of inflorescences of Sophora, grass forest betony, meadow geranium and 5 grams of clover. All the ingredients are crushed. A teaspoon of the mixture pour boiling water(1 Cup) and infuse for fifteen minutes. Infusion drink hot before meals and at night.

At high pressure, a good helping of dill seeds. Tablespoon of seeds pour boiling water. Drink three times a day for a third Cup.

Yogurt mixed with honey and add cinnamon powder (two teaspoons). Take a mixture of half a Cup before a meal twice a day for two weeks.

Purchased at the pharmacy tincture of sage, motherwort, peony, Valerian and hawthorn mixed in equal parts (usually take one hundred grams of each tincture). Then add water(100 ml) and drink a tablespoon at night.