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Healing with Reiki

There are many energy techniques and systems aimed at healing the person. All of them are unique, but they share one thing – working with disease occurs at the level of the etheric body. During the session, the healer usually uses his own energy. The success of the treatment depends on two important points:

The healer must be stronger, in terms of energy, his patient. The higher the level of energy healer compared to the patient, the faster is the healing process. This explains the fact that some healers it is difficult to manage the disease (some people say working with me is to drill drill drill). Not involving an external energy flows, such healers are almost impossible to solve their health problems. Of course, this is the place to be not all healers, but this happens very often.

– The healer during the session should care about protection from the disease with which it works. If it is not set or not set correctly, the healer drags the patient’s disease on himself. In this case, he has this disease progresses very quickly and can lead to very undesirable consequences. In my experience there’s a story. My first Teacher was a student who showed good negative resultsthe treatment of complex diseases. Everything went well until the moment when he called and announced that his girlfriend was hospitalized with a diagnosis of “stage three cancer”. Doctors were shocked by what cancer took so long to emerge. As a rule, the disease makes itself known at the first or second stage. This young man immediately rushed to the hospital, and saw his girlfriend in a very poor condition. After chemotherapy, the disease passed into the fourth stage. The doctors said that she was going to die remained 2-3 days. On overwrought nerves and ragged emotions, he put them all out of the chamber and started the treatment. In such shock and nervous state he did not care about his defense, and died the next day from the same cancer that was in his girl – protection when dealing with such complex diseases must be very strong, and he did not pay her enough attention. She afterwards lived is not 3 days and two months, but then died. This is a very good example of how important role plays the energy barrier between healer and patient during the session.

What is the difference between Reiki treatment and the use of techniques requiring when the installation protection?

– A person practicing treatment of Reiki, can fully engage patients and themselves. A Reiki treatment does not require the expenditure of their own energy using in this process a powerful stream, GREAT energy. Thus, it is possible with identical success to treat both themselves and others.

Practicing Reiki does not require installation of protection during the treatment (exceptions are rare but very serious cases). Due to the fact that the practitioner is only a conductor of Reiki energy, this energy itself is concerned about the protection of the one who makes the session. This is a very serious advantage of this method. When the treatment is by other methods, setting protection takes a lot of strength – in addition to the treatment, a healer must constantly worry about self-defense, that is not the best way affects the sharpness of attention.

– The treatment by Reiki do not require any knowledge about the methods of working with those or other diseases. This refers to the fact that healers have treatment methods for each disease. and they are all different. The treatment by Reiki practitioner only gives the energy flow of Reiki, and this thread itself decides how to treat the illness or condition. Decides, maybe not the right expression. Reiki energy has a very subtle higher vibrations, and during the session she harmonizes the energy of the patient as a tuning fork, causing the disease is removed.

And, most pleasantly, when being treated by Reiki, the disease, which the healer treats the patient, is the study of the healer. I.e. for example, if the patient addressed with gastritis, the healer, giving the patient Reiki in order to cure gastritis, cure from him and yourself. Before the session the healer is configured for treatment of a specific disease, and Reiki energy treats both.

In this article I have tried to clarify the main differences between the healing process for Reiki and other healing practices.

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