Beauty tips to regain the beauty after childbirth, recovery after childbirth, traditional recipes of beauty
When I came home after the hospital, had only one wish - wash. Of course, when I saw myself in the mirror, I was afraid. I understand that the birth…

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Kashpirovsky, Chumak, hornbeam: where is now the famous Soviet psychics and healers?
Should you believe that psychics and healers have special powers? Question of faith — intimate, everyone decides for himself what to believe. However, we cannot say that the Foundation of…

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The center of Chinese medicine “Lu Shi”

Here are some suggestions from Chinese medicine.

1. To get the best results when using medications and herbs the following must be observed .

In diseases of the upper body, chest, throat, head to take very small portions – the size of one SIP. Thus, the medication is quickly absorbed in the esophagus and immediately enters the blood;

In diseases in middle and lower parts of the body to take the medicine in large chunks with small gaps so that it is immediately received into the stomach;

In diseases of the middle and upper parts of the body the medication is taken after meals;

In diseases of the lower body (legs swelling, etc.) a medicine to take before eating;

In diseases of the extremities of the hands and feet must fasting at least once a week;

In diseases of the bone marrow recommended plenty of food for the night.

2. Five to avoid abuse in the feed:

If excessive consumption of salty foods blood vessels to lose their Flexibility, you receive watery eyes and changed the complexion;

If excessive intake of bitter food develops itchy and dry skin, enlargement of the hair loss;

If excessive eating spicy food there is neblagopryatnye on the tendons, the nails become fragile and brittle;

If excessive use of acidic foods in the muscles are formed painful knots, cracks on the lips;

If excessive consumption of sweet food pain in bones and joints, there is hair loss.

3. Recommended five prohibitions in the diet: In diseases of the blood to eliminate excessive use of salty foods;

With bone disease to eliminate the excessive use of bitter food; a weakened body to eliminate excessive use of spicy foods;

In diseases of the tendons to eliminate excessive use of acidic food;

In diseases of muscles to eliminate excessive use of sweet food.

In the “nei-Jing”, and then in later writings formulated the guidelines used by folk Chinese doctors in their clinical work. Briefly they are as follows.

The life of the organism occurs in certain environmental conditions. Its adverse effects can cause diseases. Therefore, in the external environment need to look and cure of diseases — the patient should be treated mainly natural means of nature.

The body of the sick person plays a big role in the healing process. Hence, the importance and the strengthening of the body change his life and power. The patient is brought up confidence in the recovery.

The treatment of each patient is strictly individual both in terms of diagnosis and prescription and dosage of therapeutic agents. The individuality of the patient revealed specific disease symptoms, but each syndrome and the symptom has its origin, its mechanism.

Treatment is by restoring the biological balance of the body YIN – YANG and is derived from the principle of the opposites of the elements, the heat treatment of “cold” means cold — “hot”. Therefore, the Chinese funds are divided into two groups. A therapeutic effect is directed as the diseased organ, and friendly with the authorities. Treatment is complex, with simultaneous use of different treatment methods on the whole painful syndrome with all its manifestations.

Widely used therapeutic massage. It uses stroking, rubbing, effleurage, tingling, kneading, pressure, rotary movements of the thumb in the vital points through which an action is related to the internal organs. Impact on these points, is made by the imposition of special plasters, acupuncture and Moxa cautery — jeou.

As drugs in Chinese national medicine widely used drugs of inorganic origin; wider than elsewhere, the use of drugs of animal origin and especially various herbal remedies.

The main indications for the use of the method of Zhen-Chiu currently are: functional disorders of the cardiovascular system hypertensive disease first and second stages, angina, vasoconstriction, gastro-intestinal tract with pain, spasms and atony of the digestive tract, urogenital system pain, bedwetting, easy endocrine glands hyperthyroidism, menopausal disorder. The treatment may be performed on patients vasomotor and allergic States bronchial asthma, migraine, urticaria, vasomotor rhinitis, aprioristically swelling, magerovsky syndrome, and in patients with neuroses, neuralgia, neuritis, plexitis, diseases of the muscles and joints of the exchange and rheumatic character.

Acupuncture treatment and moxibustion is a form of reflexology. The action caused by injection or warming of biologically active points through the nervous system entails the reaction of the internal organs associated with these points.

Irritation of certain points on the body strong or weak, stimulating or soothing effect, it is possible to achieve state changes and the activity of corresponding internal organs related to those points, and even pursued to normalize the function of diseased organs and restore health.

All these methods and means used in Chinese folk medicine.

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