The use of medicinal herbs
Herbal medicine Herbal medicine is a branch of medicine and pharmacology, dealing with the treatment drugs of natural or processed plant material, obtained from medicinal plants. Herbal medicine is a…

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Sessions alternative medicine gathered hundreds of Belgorod
The other day in the Belgorod region arrived "Croatian phenomenon" Braco. Many videos tell you that this man heals only one eye. The healer held in the region, "contemplation sessions".…

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The use of medicinal herbs

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is a branch of medicine and pharmacology, dealing with the treatment drugs of natural or processed plant material, obtained from medicinal plants. Herbal medicine is a concept from the field of alternative medicine. Work with medicinal herbs in Russian culture for centuries was a natural thing.

Worldwide, there are over twenty thousand species of plants used in medical purposes. Appear newer and newer products for body care based on various components, such as fresh tomatoes or pineapples, able to remove dead skin cells, chamomile and rhubarb, which can be successfully used for lightening hair, henna is used to paint in warm red color.

Herbs gladly used in folk medicine. The variety of herbal drugs creates the possibility of treating almost all diseases. The use of herbs is a safe and effective method when it is approved by your physician. The abuse of some herbal drugs can be just as dangerous as an overdose of medicines available with a prescription. From herbs to prepare herbal teas, extracts, decoctions, tinctures and ointments. Fennel tea is primarily known remedy for baby colic and bloating St. John’s wort tea helps with digestive problems and can be used for problems with depression or insomnia, and inhalations of menthol acusat upper respiratory tract and eases breathing. Today, the use of drugs and dietary supplements derived from herbs, has increased significantly, and pharmacologists are constantly searching for new biologically active substances of plant origin.

Medicinal herbs are widely used for many ailments and diseases. In Russia, herbal medicine is becoming increasingly popular. Once the herbal medicine used by our grandmothers for many diseases. Today, some species of grasses are of great importance in medicine and phytotherapy. Medicinal herbs is mint, the infusion which relieves stomach disorders, Melissa – acting sedative, and the wormwood – from food poisoning. Things to know about medicinal herbs?

Classification of medicinal plants

Medicinal herbs can be divided into two categories:

Grass – this category refers to individual herbs, such as mint leaves, lemon balm leaves and dandelion root.

Herbal preparations – various herbs in form of tablets, capsules, and liquids containing the products of processing plants. These include: dry extracts, liquid, tinctures, oils.

Purchasing herbs at the pharmacy or prepared a mixture of herbs online, you should not have big problems with their application, because on the packaging there are detailed descriptions that inform about the ways and the rules of cooking. If you collect the herbs yourself, you should care about the safety assessment of the environment in the place of their growth. The harvest can be gathered on plantations or in wild areas. For medicinal purposes: dried herb, plant or part thereof.

Melissa and chamomile

Melissa is an herb with a citrus smell. It is grown all over the world. It can be found everywhere: on the road, in the woods, in the meadow. The first camp begins in early June, the second in late August. Collected before flowering and drought. Grass is used for: anxiety, difficulty falling asleep, nervousness, heart rhythm disorders. Melissa stimulates the appetite, eliminates problems with digestion. The infusion of Melissa is to drink for painful menstruation; the drink relieves the symptoms of premenstrual tension. Lemon balm helps heal herpes.

Daisy flowers in June-July. Properties chamomile: regulation of the intestines, and to relieve colic in infants, boosts digestion and increases the appetite. Chamomile is well proven in the treatment of ulcers and varicose veins. In herbal medicine this plant is used as antiseptic and antibacterial agent. Chamomile is recommended for people with inflammation of the bladder. Chamomile tea relieves menstrual pain, the sickness, the signs and symptoms of menopause. Chamomile has analgesic effects, therefore it can be applied with headache, toothache and migraine.

Wormwood and mint

Wormwood has a very characteristic bitter taste, is effective in poisoning the gastro-intestinal tract and digestion. Wormwood stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, has a diuretic effect, increases menstrual bleeding. This remedy for head lice and scabies. You should know that, despite the quality, good for health. wormwood in excess can be harmful, especially for pregnant women who should consume it in moderation.

Peppermint moisturizes and soothes the digestive system and is used in diseases of the liver. Has antibacterial properties and relieves stress. All medicinal herbs, especially Russian, you can buy in the pharmacy in the form of tea bags.