Sessions alternative medicine gathered hundreds of Belgorod
The other day in the Belgorod region arrived "Croatian phenomenon" Braco. Many videos tell you that this man heals only one eye. The healer held in the region, "contemplation sessions".…

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On the farm grown spices and herbs - Society - Culture - My Estonia
The lady of the house and founder of the training center Catherine Luke grows flowers, not only for aesthetic reasons — she knows how to use them as food and…

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New methods of alternative medicine

Alternative medicine uses unconventional methods of treatment, is opposed to official medicine. Alternative medicine is a set of methods of treatment that can be a substitute for traditional medicine. The basis of traditional medicine is the diagnosis. For this doctor matches symptoms with the results of the research, and then assigns the appropriate treatment is mainly medical. Specialists in alternative medicine, by contrast, treat the patient, not the disease.

In their view, disease is a result of disturbances of somatic and mental well-being, and medicine in most cases can deliver only from symptoms, but not causes of the disease. New methods of alternative medicine – this will be discussed in the article.

One of the principles of alternative medicine can be formulated as follows: when replacing drugs alternative methods the human immune system acquires the ability to fight diseases and infections. There is a perception that alternative medicine is a new direction, but she uses the ancient methods of treatment, which in the East is considered to be traditional.

Among popular methods are the following:

• Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese treatment method that involves the use of special needles to stimulate opredelyaemykh points on the human body. Acupuncture is effective for stress, back pain and menstrual irregularities.

• Chinese herbal medicine

The ancient method of treatment based on the use of various herbs for the treatment of both somatic and mental diseases. It is believed that herbal medicine is effective in conditions such as eczema, fever, infertility.

• Osteopathy

Type of manual therapy affecting the body as a whole; helps to reduce pain and improve movement in the joints.

• Chiropractic

Type of manual therapy used for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, affecting mainly the spine and nervous system. Chiropractic effective for pain in shoulders and lower back.

• Reflexology

A method based on stimulation of specific points on the hands and feet by pressure; effective stress and the gastrointestinal tract.

• Alexander Technique

The method allows to acquire correct posture and to learn to control their own body; effective for stress, diseases of the respiratory system, pain in the neck and joints.

The basic principle of alternative medicine is a holistic approach to human health (from the Greek holos – whole”). She sees the person as a whole, rather than focusing on individual symptoms. Specialists on alternative medicine take into account the psychological and emotional state of the patient, but also his social status.

Achieving harmony

According to different holistic methods such as naturopathy, homeopathy and traditional Chinese medicine, the human body strives for harmony, the maintenance of which is the way to achieve good health. A specialist in alternative medicine, working with the patient, pays attention to all aspects of his life and tries to achieve self-healing. Some doctors prefer to combine methods of alternative and official medicine. So, Dr. that use only traditional methods of treatment, cures asthma solely using medications. A specialist who is experienced and also alternative methods, along with the appointment of traditional funds, trying to find the cause of asthma, such as allergic reactions or anxiety.


Alternative methods of treatment can improve the psychological condition of the patient and help in many diseases. However, in severe and life-threatening diseases, their application is limited. One should never replace conventional treatments. Homeopathy – the direction of alternative medicine that uses small doses of medicines made from extracts of parts of animals, plants and minerals. The basic principle of homeopathy – “like cures like”. Currently there are over 2000 different homeopathic remedies. Reflexology has recently become increasingly popular. It combines methods of manual therapy with massage feet and hands. It is believed that stimulation of reflexogenic zones effective in the treatment of diseases developing at the background of stress and for pain relief. Osteopathy is type of manual therapy, characterized by the effects on the body as a whole. The aim of osteopathy is to eliminate violations of the musculoskeletal apparatus. For example, osteopaths relieve chronic pain in the lower back pain that is often further allows you to refuse the medication. Hypnotherapy is a method of treatment based on the use of hypnosis for the treatment of various somatic diseases and mental disorders. Most often it is used to treat phobias, anxiety/stuttering, and helps to give up bad habits, such as Smoking.