Beauty tips to regain the beauty after childbirth, recovery after childbirth, traditional recipes of beauty
When I came home after the hospital, had only one wish - wash. Of course, when I saw myself in the mirror, I was afraid. I understand that the birth…

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Beauty recipes at home
Of course, every girl wants to be irresistible. But not everyone is ready to put all his money on various cosmetics that aren't even necessarily help. And rightly so. There…

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1. Quantum therapy (a constant magnetic field, pulsed red light, low-intensity infrared laser, broadband infrared radiation).

Treatment process, based on methods polyfactorial quantum (laser) therapy, uses the impact of low-energy, i.e. safe electromagnetic radiation that has beneficial effect on intracellular and intercellular processes in the body. Based on years of research selected the most effective types of electromagnetic radiation:

A constant magnetic field. Under the action of magnetic field causes the expansion of capillaries of the vascular bed. Vasodilator effect persists after a single exposure for 1-6 days, after a course of treatments up to 45 days. The magnetic field increases the penetration of laser radiation into the tissue. Clinical effects: is the creation of energy protect the scalp from harmful environmental influences, including weather factors and electromagnetic fields, increase energetic potential of skin cells in/of the head h, reduces inflammation and improves tissue trophism).

Pulsating red light. Penetrates to a small depth, has a beneficial effect, reducing the intensity of inflammatory processes. Clinical effects: local anesthesia, improvement of microcirculation(blood circulation in small vessels) in the affected area, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects.

Low-intensity infrared laser radiation. Penetrates deep into the tissues and exerts a powerful stimulating effect on blood circulation, cellular metabolism. Clinical effects: improve blood circulation and microcirculation, acceleration of regeneration (recovery) tissues, increases local immunity of the skin, has powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous effects.

Broadband infrared radiation. The depth of tissue penetration is relatively less than that of the laser radiation, at the same time, there is a large spectral breadth of impact. Clinical effects: mild warming up of tissue structures of surface layers, powerful harmonization of the tonus of the Central and autonomic nervous system, activation of microcirculation, repair skin in/HR head and the increased penetration of laser radiation into the tissue.

The unique apparatus of quantum therapy is that the above factors, acting simultaneously, mutually reinforce each other, thereby causing a pronounced clinical effect.

2. Ultrasonic hairbrush with vibrating massage.

The unique development of Japanese scientists. The therapeutic effect is based on a combination of the application of high frequency ultrasonic waves in combination with vibratory massage. Ultrasound enhances the redox processes, improves metabolism and nutrient delivery in tissue, has anti-inflammatory, antiallergic effect, normalizes blood circulation in the skin and under the action of ultrasonic vibrations is an active introduction of drugs through the skin (phonophoresis). Vibrating massage with vibration frequency up to 3000 HZ dilates blood vessels, increasing blood flow, reduces pain sensitivity and muscle fibres in/h head. With the help of specially selected programs within 4 minutes there is a consecutive change of rhythm of vibrating, which leads to a pronounced relaxation, combined with active implementation of therapeutic drugs leads to a significant improvement of the skin in/h head and stimulates hair growth.

3. LED light + electroporation.

The therapeutic effect is based on combining two advanced technologies impact on the deeper layers of the skin. Light beam LED – red, blue and infrared radiation. Ultra-precise LED beam helps to increase cellular activity in the hair follicle (root of hair), accelerates metabolism in the skin, improves the blood flow in the skin/h of a head, normalizes sebum secretion and has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effects. Electroporation is a new highly efficient method of delivery of various medicinal substances into the skin in/h heads due to the creation of a through water channel (pore) in a two-layer lipid membrane of cells under an electric field. Using this method you can safely, safely and securely transport complex substances into the skin. After the cessation of the electric current channel is closed, which allows targeted delivery of active therapeutic drugs directly to the hair follicle.

4. Cryotherapy (using liquid nitrogen).

Liquid nitrogen is a clear liquid, colorless and odorless, with a boiling point of -195.8 °C at atmospheric pressure, not flammable, not explosive. The basis of the therapeutic action of liquid nitrogen is its low temperature. Short-term (up to 10-15 seconds) freeze of the skin causes constriction of the blood vessels with subsequent expansion not only existing, but also reserve capillaries, which greatly enhances the blood flow to the application. The result is not only the nutrition of the skin and stimulation of work of vessels, but increased heat build-up, facilitating venous outflow and as a result the improvement of the skin in/HR scalp and stimulation of hair growth.


The steam generator of new generation, which uses a fine vapor that is formed under the action of ultrasound with frequency of vibration is 1.6 million times per second and penetrating deeply into the skin and hair shaft that contributes to enhanced penetration of active ingredients of medicinal shampoos, masks, oils, lotions and essences in the skin/h head and throughout the structure of the hair shaft.