Alternative medicine in Germany
During many years of communication with patients noticed, the patients are divided into two camps. Some blindly believe the official medicine with its pills, chemotherapy and other unpleasant attributes, others…

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Atopic dermatitis in children and adults.
Causes, symptoms, treatment of folk remedies Atopic dermatitis is an allergic reaction to possible irritants. In this situation, the body's immune system fails and can't protect it from harmful environmental…

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The Ural businessmen could get rich on medicinal plants

The cultivation of medicinal plants can be a profitable business

Ural scientists believe that one of the breakthrough industries in the region could become a medicinal crop.

According to analysts, Russia continues to 80-90% of medicines imported from abroad. Including liqueurs, grape juice, dry raw materials of plants, the production of which by and large does not require high technology. Meanwhile, at the time the country was actively developing the medicinal plant cultivation. Ural scientists believe that the production of medicinal raw materials can be renewed and earn good money.

Is a highly profitable industry all over the world, – says Director of the Botanical garden of the Ural Federal University Galina Fedoseeva. Today in Hungary, which is several times smaller than the Sverdlovsk region, the income from sale of raw materials of medicinal, aromatic plants and products derived from them, is up to $ 35 million per year. Under these culture there are about 42 thousand acres, they harvested about 40 thousand tons of raw materials. And we, unfortunately, do not use their potential, albeit in our region by and large has all the possibilities for the production of medicinal products.

Out of 71 families of flowering plants that grow scientists of the Botanical garden, nearly 151 species belongs to drug.For decades of work of the Ural biologists have formed a unique Fund, which will provide high-quality and inexpensive raw materials for the domestic pharmaceutical industry, grown in local ecological conditions. Created and Foundation seed and planting material for laying experimental-industrial plantations. As they note, can take, to start to grow and make a profit. Moreover, when compared with other sectors of the economy, and even with minimal investment infusions.

– Take, for example, the purple coneflower, which we grow and have long studied the optimal conditions for its cultivation, properties, timing of collection, etc. it is well Known that it has immunomodulatory effects. In Germany on the basis of 800 made preparations in Ukraine – about 300. In our country, I confess, I hardly can remember at least two or three, – says Galina Fedoseeva. – Or take the Rhodiola rosea is a plant popularly known as “Golden root”, has successfully applied for about 400 years. From the ancient time people use it as a tool that improves mental and physical performance. The pharmacological study of this plant revealed its stimulating, antigipoksicheskoe action and ability to enhance the body’s resistance in adverse effects. When the root was tested in the clinics, we found that its drugs affect the brain cortex, normalizes the higher nervous activity in the neuroses. Wild harvest Rhodiola rosea is prohibited – it is under threat of extinction, but there is every opportunity to grow it on special plantations.

In fact, in the Botanic garden in Yekaterinburg are growing all kinds of medicinal plants that are used in the treatment of various diseases. The most promising species for industrial production, scientists were divided into 10 therapeutic groups. In particular have identified plants containing inulin and oligofructanes. As you know, inulin contains fructose sugar, which safely can be consumed by diabetics. Meanwhile, today the vast majority of drugs for the treatment and nutrition of patients with diabetes are imported from abroad. They are, as you know, is not cheap. Collection of inulin-containing plants in the Botanical garden are 30 species from 11 families.

Intelligent design scientists gained a seed Fund would allow not only to develop the industrial production of medicinal raw materials in the region, but also to solve an important environmental challenge is to stop the complete extinction of many species of rare plants. After all, if plantations are for industrial preparations can be used to restore the populations of many endangered species listed in the Red book.

– To return to the domestic market of pharmaceutical raw materials, need government and business efforts – some intellectual investments of scientists is clearly not enough, – says Galina Fedoseeva.

Development of scientists-botanists could serve development areas of the region with diversified economy: new businesses for the cultivation and harvesting of medicinal raw materials would provide employment and increase revenues to local budgets.

Valentina neganova, head of the sector of agrofood policy of Institute of economy of Uro Russian Academy of Sciences:

– This is a very good idea, but before you take up its implementation, it is necessary to explore the consumer market. As you know, in Russia there is an acute problem of cardiovascular diseases, pathologies of the nervous system, allergies, increased background radiation. In short, it is necessary to analyze the market capacity, the needs of potential buyers. Consider the optimal form of processing and its implementation. I know that some entrepreneurs gather herbs in the ecologically clean areas, dry and sell for decent money. By the way, friendliness is a quality that is in demand worldwide, which means that in the future could go and on foreign markets.

Various diseases traditionally treated by herbal medicines. It was considered that the best ones grow on the island of Crete, therefore, the Romans often sent gatherers of herbs. In addition,…


Atopic dermatitis in children and adults.
Causes, symptoms, treatment of folk remedies Atopic dermatitis is an allergic reaction to possible irritants. In this situation, the body's immune system fails and can't protect it from harmful environmental…

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