Beauty tips to regain the beauty after childbirth, recovery after childbirth, traditional recipes of beauty
When I came home after the hospital, had only one wish - wash. Of course, when I saw myself in the mirror, I was afraid. I understand that the birth…

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Who is the healer?
It is known that healing, as a non-traditional way to cure various ailments, not one hundred years. In ancient times, when the notion of official medicine was not yet in…

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Quantum healing-Mikhail Svetlov

Principles of quantum medicine

The basis of quantum medicine is the harmonious Union of ancient traditions with modern science. Quantum medicine brings together medical knowledge from the East, gathered over millennia, and modern notions of quantum physics.

The key idea of quantum therapy is to stimulate its own vitality of the human organism to cure itself. How? This is due to the influence of natural radiation of sufficiently low intensity that, without causing side effects should be slightly over natural forcings in order to direct the force of the body in need of healing course. Natural fields need to ensure that people have adapted well during long evolution.

The goal of quantum therapy in fact is not treatment as such, in our traditional sense, rather it is a harmonization, reduction to a balance of proportion between man nature, the healing of the body by means which nature herself for him and in store.

From this point of view, one can consider the quantum medicine as an attempt to regain a living body in original natural electromagnetic environment, which once originated life on Earth. From this natural environment for the modern people living in twenty-first makeot of the Nativity, was abruptly and cruelly torn them as generated by technological conditions of modern civilization. Going back to the basics, you can lead a human body in a state of harmony with its environment. Let’s summarize: if any unit of the Universe from the smallest particles to the stars of the giants, will continue to exist so that proceeding in it is information-energy processes are in strict accordance with the same processes occurring in the Universe, or one unit of Creation, whether a star or a human body, not get sick and die.


The body of each of us is a complex system of interacting energy levels of different levels. If you want, you can call our body is a bio-energetic substance. In essence, this system combines two types of matter, physical and rational thinking, which are integrated with each other and inseparable from each other. Accordingly, if at some point the influence of external factors leads to disruption of the normal functioning of one energy system as a consequence of possible pathological changes. They will manifest themselves at other levels of human activity on physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

For a long time European science did not think that energy and intelligence, thinking, components of the human body can be linked. Moreover, no one thought that they can have a mutual, reciprocal influence on each other. However, in the twentieth century when quantum physics was to prove faithful to the philosophical views of the East, scientists gradually began to come to the fact that not exclude the possibility of influence on the matter of human consciousness. And, as a consequence, began to create new methods of treatment, such as quantum medicine and vibrational medicine.

Why in the human body there is a disease? The reason for this may be the wrong offset or the distribution of psychic energy.

Because of our own complexes, or fears, rooted in deep childhood, or because of rigid positions education the person for psychic energy can be disrupted, encountering a number of obstacles. And restrained, cramped, trapped energy results in a kind of compromise with the limiting factors it appears a symptom of the disease. So the disease is often just the result of the conflict taking place within us. I would say that this confrontation may not always be fully understood by the person on a conscious level. If consciousness really is raw material for the matter, we can say that the human thoughts shape our physical reality, our body. Thoughts affect our health and our behavior. Through research, it can be argued that the parameters characterizing the energy of vibration is weakened or imbalance in the human body, differ from those peculiar to the person being in a state of harmony. And the variances of the values of these parameters give a prerequisite for the conclusion about possible the existing imbalances of energies.

When we begin the study of human nature from the energy point of view, affect the deeper layers that constitute its shell, is a very serious topic of healing. This is not the exception to the rule! In all spiritual practices, we see that the most important is to achieve not only physical, but also mental health of the student, and the achievement of purity of consciousness. And only after these first main