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Folk remedies for arthritis

Painful inflammation of the joints leads to their deterioration and pathological changes. And if not treated arthritis, the joint is so transfigured that you can remain disabled. Unfortunately, modern medicine cannot completely cure arthritis, therefore, the use of folk remedies in the fight against this disease can only relieve the symptoms and ease the disease. Let’s find out what are folk remedies for arthritis .

Various folk remedies to help relieve the pain and reduce inflammation. But they will be effective only if you take them on a constant basis . So, the pain from arthritis will be only a couple of months of treatment folk remedies. But quit the course of treatment it is impossible. Only with consistent use more than a year will see significant improvement. It is possible to use folk remedies will have throughout life to prevent disease.

One of the simplest and most effective remedies for arthritis is an ointment that can be prepared at home. It aims to relieve pain in the joints. The simple ointment of arthritis consists of salt and mustard . 100 g of mustard powder, add 200 g of sodium chloride and paraffin. Stir the mixture until the creamy consistency and leave overnight. In the morning you can use the ointment.Lubricate her sore joints as long as the ointment is absorbed into the skin. To use the ointment before you sleep. In the morning wash the area of skin where you rubbed the salve.

Well relieves joint inflammation ointment from birch buds . Add 400 g of birch buds (can be replaced with fresh or dried birch leaves) and pour 800 ml of vegetable oil. Note that to prepare this ointment is only necessary in a clay pot. Tightly close the container and put it in a warm place for a day. If for the preparation of ointments used were dry leaves or buds, then the tool must withstand two days. Then strain the oil and add 6 g of powdered camphor. Stir the oil and leave in a cold place to cool. Daily RUB the ointment into the affected area.

For the treatment of arthritis of the joints very often use various herbs, which prepare tinctures and teas . Let us give you several ways to use various herbs from arthritis.

Collection No. 1 . prepare a collection of herbs 3 tbsp rosemary, 4 tablespoons of leaves, cranberries, 3 tbsp. of series, 3 tbsp. l. birch buds, 2 tablespoons root elecampane, 2 tbsp. clover, 3 tbsp St. John’s wort, 2 tbsp nettle 1 tbsp of Linden flowers, 1 tbsp mint and 3 tbsp. l. chamomile, 1 tbsp of dill seed and 3 tablespoons of hop cones. The collection mix and pour 2 tbsp of the mixture liter of boiling water. Let steep in a thermos for the night. Drink collection 4 times a day half a Cup in 2-3 months.

Collection No. 2 . in equal amounts mix calendula flowers, juniper berries, nettle leaves, buckthorn bark, horsetail, willow bark and birch leaves. The resulting mixture must be ground. Pour 2 tablespoons collection liter of boiling water and leave in a thermos overnight. Tea drink half a Cup 4 times a day.

For arthritis you can use an alcohol tincture. The most common and famous is the tincture of flowers chestnut . Add 20 g of flowers of chestnut 500 ml of vodka. Leave the tool in a dark place for 2 weeks. Take this infusion 2-4 times a day 2 tablespoons

Effective tool for relieving pain is the ordinary tincture of mullein (also called bear’s ear). 100 g of flowers pour 1 liter of vodka. Allow solution to stand for 2 weeks in a dark place. Finished tincture strain and RUB into the affected area dry. Use until effect.

We recommend that you also use to relieve pain in the joint fir baths . Brew with boiling water freshly cut branches of the spruce, and then steep them until the water cools to a temperature of 37°C. Pour the infusion into a bowl or tub and immerse the part of the body, the joints which have arthritis. Duration of procedure is 30 minutes. After taking bath wrap to steam the skin with a warm scarf and lie down in a warm bed for an hour. Do these baths every three days. The course is 5-8 baths.