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How to get rid of acne at home

Traditional medicine helps to heal many skin diseases and troubles, including pimples. Usually teenagers suffer the most, but sometimes the problem occurs in adults, children, and on any part of the body – the face, back, legs, etc.

Causes of acne can be:

Hormonal disruptions.

Improper nutrition, consumption of fast food.

Excessive consumption of alcohol, addicted to drugs and Smoking.

Neglect of personal hygiene.

If you decide to get rid of acne without the help of experts, want to have a healthy clean skin, start to care for your body comprehensively – from within and outside.

Try to gradually give up bad habits (Smoking, etc.), watch your diet. Some just stop eating spicy, fatty and salty and the skin immediately comes in order.

To eliminate external defects (abscesses and inflammations) complete the course of treatment by homemade recipes that are described below.


The use of tar to the skin due to rich content in its composition of antibacterial and healing agents. Our great grandmother used it to correct many skin ailments, and very effective. The tool is time-tested and used not only in folk and conventional medicine.

For dry skin use tar soap is not recommended because it has a drying effect. If you still are – be sure to lubricate the face moisturizer!

It is best to use pine tar soap for acne in the evening to avoid any feeling of tightness. The course of procedures shall be no longer than 1 month. By this time your acne should go.

Tar has a characteristic unpleasant odor, which usually disappears after washing, lasts a long time, so don’t be afraid to them to be treated.

Healing face mask with tar

Soap tar soap, take from him the foam, apply it on clean face and keep for 15 minutes until it dries.

After that, lather rinse with water and dry face with a towel and lubricate the skin moisturizer.

Foam can be applied only on the pimples, if they are not so much.


This tool is 2 types – powder and gel. In pharmacies and stores you can find tubes of “Badyaga 911” and “Badyaga Forte”. The gel is less concentrated, costs more powder (about 80 rubles), the effect is softer and does not remove the spots from acne. Dry badyaga is in the range of 10 rubles.

Recipe cleansing mask acne

This peeling can make a quality face polishing without leaving home.

The mask removes traces of acne and resolves scars and smoothes the skin.

Since this is very aggressive remedy, for inflammation it is applied is strictly prohibited.

Take a spoon of dry powder and the same 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Components mix and distribute the weight on the face, keep 20 minutes.

When the mask dries, your fingers begin to gently RUB the skin, creating the effect of the scrub. After 5 minutes you can wash.

After the procedure the face may burn and sometimes blush. Do not use the cream, and preferably in the next few days do not fall under the rays of the sun.

Duration of administration – 1 time per week, only 10 procedures.


Recommended effective recipe mash with chloramphenicol, which gives a guaranteed result with proper preparation and application. Reviews that girls write about this method, surprise. But you better make sure in the healing power of this drug.

Chatty is mixed of 4 components:

Chloramphenicol (2 parts)

Sulfur (2.5 parts)

Boric acid (part 1)

Aspirin (2.5 parts) and 90% and ethyl alcohol.

One part can be measured with a teaspoon, i.e., 2.5 parts will be equal to two and one-half teaspoons.

It is possible to measure part grams, the main thing – keep the proportions.

The components are mixed together.

This liquid, wipe the problem areas.

If you store the bottle with the mixture at home, then shake before using its contents.

The result will not take long, if everything is done according to the instructions. The main thing is not to use cosmetics after the procedure, so it is best done before bedtime.

At the time, forget about the tonal cream and powder, because they clog the pores. During treatment, the mash, allowed to use baby oil and panthenol.

Side effects of the drug have not, the negative effects appear only because of pereuserdstvovat people in the pursuit of beautiful skin. Do not clean the skin too often it can become inflamed and dry.