Kashpirovsky, Chumak, hornbeam: where is now the famous Soviet psychics and healers?
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Physiotherapy has a valuable meaning and sometimes simply irreplaceable. It is of two kinds: therapeutic and rehabilitative. Therapeutic aimed at elimination of the disease, and rehabilitation is used to restore…

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Charges of herbs and medicinal plants

Information on the use of various substances for the treatment of diseases dates back to antiquity. For example, Egypt, Ancient Greece, Rome a few thousand years before our era there existed a medical school and pharmacy used plant substances (soporific poppy, mint, castor oil, plantain, papyrus, wheat, etc.) for therapeutic purposes.

In Ancient Russia regardless of other peoples widely used various medicinal plants and various medicinal “potions”, “root”, “Leko”. “posobi”, “drug” etc. before the start of printing in Russia there was a handwritten “herbalists” in which were listed the methods of preparation and use of medicinal herbs. In the middle ages came the development of Apothecary gardens, which were cultivated medicinal plants.

In our time, medicinal plants have become one of the main sources of obtaining health and preventive medicine. They are used both directly and for production of important therapeutic drugs. Academy of medical Sciences aims to develop the use of medicinal plants. Has a wide experience in phytotherapy (herbal treatment). The observation of patients in clinics in the treatment only herbs showed a wonderful effect.

In corniculate best recipes from reference books on herbal medicine.

Recipes are given according to nosological units, i.e. diseases. The number of prescriptions provides the individuality of the patient when the disease. In the section “Diseases of the respiratory system” (bronchitis and asthma) the patient should consult with the doctor, as he must be aware of the allergen the patient (to avoid complications).

Our collection is not designed for “self-medication”. It should in any case consult with the doctor.

Herbs and medicinal plants in the collection

In the collection used the most effective and affordable medicinal plants.

At independent collection and harvesting of herbs should be considered: to conduct the collection according to the calendar, away from roads and Railways (at least 250 meters from roads) grass to dry in ventilated place, avoiding sunlight. It must be ensured that the raw material dry evenly, i.e., does not remain places nepodsuden, as in this case, the grass loses its valuable qualities, changes color (which is brown), sometimes multiply rapidly bacteria and fungus that is rotting. In this case, the grass is not suitable for consumption. Therefore, the main task of drying is the rapid removal of moisture. Drying in the sun: the crust, cut the root, seeds and some fruits. Can produce heat in a controlled drying ovens at a temperature of +50° to +90°. Store raw materials is better in cardboard boxes or linen bags. I do not advise to buy raw materials on the market, as there can be no sustained collection and drying.

This compilation includes the fees of herbs, their preparations for treatment of cardiovascular, nervous, digestive and respiratory, endocrine and excretory systems of the human body. In addition, the collection provides processes for preparation of decoction and napara.

The preparation of ointments and powders given along with the recipe.

Preparation of herbal tea

Crushed and well-mixed collection pour specified in the recipe of water (preferably in clay, not metal utensil), stir, cover and leave in a warm place for one specified in the recipe to the potion gets wet. The mixture is then put on fire, bring to a boil. simmer on low heat under a lid for 5 to 7 minutes. Remove from heat, leave the lid on for 39 — 40 minutes, then strain through cheesecloth. Broth to drink warm.

Preparation napara herbs

Crushed and well-mixed collection pour boiling water in certain prescription and proportions specified in is infused recipe. Infuse in a warm place. To drink warm.

The time of soaking or infusion napara does not matter if it is not specified in the recipe and may safely range from several minutes to an hour.