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Otitis media treatment at home effective folk remedies

Otitis – ear disease, especially inflammatory nature, caused by the penetration of microorganisms from the throat into the Eustachian tube and then into the middle ear. To treat it by resorting to the help of a specialist, as well as independently at home. Treatment of otitis media in the home is possible, only after consultation with your doctor. Otitis media there are 3 types: external, middle and inner.

It is worth remembering that the correct diagnosis can put only a doctor, so do not neglect his advice before how to treat an ear infection folk remedies. After the doctor will determine what type of otitis media, treatment at home can be carried out depending on the affected ear Department. The disease affects mostly children, especially under 3 years, in adults is less common.

Only after consultation with your doctor can make a treatment at home

The cause of the disease

As already mentioned, otitis media there are 3 types and causes of each are different.

Otitis externa is most often a result of neglect ear care products, as well as when trying to clean ears is not designed for objects. As a result, in-ear monobaz labour lead to infection that will provoke otitis. To avoid this, the ears should be cleaned only hygienic cotton sticks;

Otitis media – this type appears as a result of falling into the middle ear infection that penetrates into it from the inside. This can occur when colds, measles, sore throat, etc.;

Inner ear infection — appears when running the form of otitis media (if left untreated). Infection if it penetrates far inside the ear, with the result that the disease appears in this form (labyrinthitis).

If you suspect an ear infection, folk remedies is the first thing to come to mind, but you also need to know how to use them.

Otitis media: symptoms, treatment of folk remedies

How to find out what kind of ear infection?

To determine what type of ear infection can be based on manifesting symptoms.

When external otitis is severe pain that is worse when pressed on ear. The pain may also be jerking character. In addition, in the parotid cavity may form a tumor, and also increase ear lymph nodes. It is not excluded, and purulent discharge that may be diffuse external otitis. While severe pain may be replaced by itching;

Otitis media is manifested by a sharp pulsating pains, which are of a shooting character. In the ear a feeling of fullness, reduced hearing and there is increased body temperature. While you may experience noise in the ears, and suppuration;

The symptoms of otitis interna are more vivid pain. A characteristic feature of the disease is dizziness: it may be accompanied by nausea with vomiting. The otitis at home to treat it is impossible. It could lead to both complete and partial loss of hearing.

Treatment of external otitis

How to treat an ear infection at home?

The external treatment consists, first, in getting rid of boils. In addition to the drugs that must be prescribed by a doctor, you need to conduct the following procedures at home:

A hot compress. It must be done using slightly warmed alcohol solution (50 ml. alcohol is added 50 ml. of water), you can use vodka. To moisten in the resulting solution of cheesecloth, wring out and apply over the top of the ear so that the sink was open, which you need to pre-fluff baby cream, vaseline. This compresses do for two hours;

It is also good to put a leaf of plantain or grilled onions. The procedure to perform until you get through the boil;

Effective traditional methods of treatment include this form with the help of decoction of Bay leaf. In a glass of water you need to put 5 pieces of Bay leaf and bring to a boil, then insist. Please take 3 tbsp 2 times a day, 10 drops instilled into the ear.

After the breakout of boils have to do a steam bath are as follows: nicipality kettle and its spout with outgoing steam to throw the towel and guide, thus leaving couples in the ear at a distance of 50 cm but not less. Such heating should last for 3 minutes, then wipe face with a damp, cool towel. Repeat the procedure 10 times. After the steam bath unpleasant sensations in the nose, throat, ear disappear within 5 minutes.

Medicines for external otitis

For admission into:

Ampicillin – take 5 days, 1 capsule 3 times a day;

Azithromycin is to take 1-day treatment 2 capsules per day from the second day: 1 capsule for 5 days;

To use topically:

Ointment “Oksikort” with oxytetracycline and hydrocortisone;

Gramicidin – a drop in alcohol;



The use of local products should be according to the enclosed instructions.

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