This is more than just healing

I have to tell you. friends, balancing and calibration of the RBM is more than just healing. The technique developed by Peggy Dubro, provides during the session, not only the imposition of hands and passes, but also verbal (voice) setting patsieta. And this is very different from Reiki (I have 1st degree Reiki). In spoken texts Peggy gives deep understanding of the laws of the Universe. Of course, in a very condensed form. Hearing them, the customer thinks, vizualizare along with the healer, his consciousness unwittingly refracted, and this is very important in healing.

Lead the first example with his snosenko. After the second session she began to receive questions on esoteric topics, she began to share its dreams, have asked for the links to the videos. And I’m glad ice finally started. And thanks to UKR. After all, as I haven’t tried her and her son to attract to this knowledge, in the answer heard only smile. And now everything has changed. I really hope that soon the son will be “up”. The second example. Yesterday showed videos on UKR to his mother. She is 80 years old. You should have seen how interested she was watching these videos! It is completely new knowledge, and besides, the chance to improve their health. And today a days she conducted a session of Phase I and gave her the so-called “Handouts after the session”, which is given to the patients for the study.The wish sessions UKR expressed already my brother.

What I am telling you in detail? First of all, to clarify to everyone that the seminar is, by and large, the profession. The profession of a healer. Healer New type, new time. In Germany officially certified practitioner, RBM, as many as 33 people. In Berlin, 1 in Hamburg — 3, etc. I don’t think healers Reiki much more. And this despite the population in Germany component 84 million people. Moreover, given that the official medicine, but rather, private medicine, with every year more and more discredited, it becomes quite obvious is the fact that for the RBM and Reiki a great future. Has become clear, and everyone understands that private malpractice care about their income more than the health of patients. The latter is already tired from one doctor to another and was convinced for many years that the result is always the same — package all hormones that do not cure the disease but only deaden it.

Now two words about the price of the seminar. When my relatives or friends ask about the price, then I answer: not more than you paid for your driver’s license. And in that and in other case, you have the opportunity to learn a profession. Receiving it, you can use it for personal purposes, or to turn it into a professional activity. The choice is up to each one individually. When I answer, then people start to nod their heads. More importantly, what’s your attitude to this knowledge, to healing, how to treat people. If you open your heart to people and treat their work with creativity, then everything will turn out. You have to believe that the New medicine (but new?) replace the old, lekarstvennoe. And who will displace the old, outdated, medicine, if we don’t? Through whom the Creator will transmit their healing energy according to the inner wisdom of Men? And my deep conviction is that we still have a small margin of time, during which you can still manage to train for a new profession, gain experience, and when Orthodox medicine will raskupayutsya, tell them — it’s too late, Monsieur, the place is already busy “according to the bought tickets”. As for the gratings UKR. Now, when I began to pay more attention to all the information on this topic, I began to find that information about the Grid found in the most unexpected places — books, trated, articles, videos. So I eventually held after the seminar. became even more to give it value.

And I am very glad that I had the opportunity to meet Tatiana Alexandrovna and receive training. We must honestly admit that its role and the role of her daughter, Helena, in the spiritual transformation of the Russian society, have not yet appreciated. This role we have to realize and appreciate.

I spoke based on their own needs and tried to be as objective as possible. Don’t rule out that someone, something, will disagree with me. And that’s okay!

Finally! Tatiana, thank You for what You have. With love to You and to your daughter Helen. Give her our thanks for all her work and best wishes. Thank you.