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Sessions alternative medicine gathered hundreds of Belgorod

The other day in the Belgorod region arrived “Croatian phenomenon” Braco. Many videos tell you that this man heals only one eye. The healer held in the region, “contemplation sessions”.

Braco was in the area of the guest of honor. Meeting with him took place in Alekseyevka. in Belgorod and Prokhorovka. One of them was visited and correspondents “Komsomolki”.

Many claim that Braco heals at one glance. Photo: from open sources.

On Monday, September 16, at the state Philharmonic on the “phenomenon” came to see several hundred people. Meanwhile, the organizers asked all the guests to come with flowers, since it’s “established tradition”.

The sessions were free. At the entrance attendants were given a disk with film about the healer and took the flowers. Before the beginning of the evening, the audience entered into the swing of things, showing a video about the gift of Braco. Then came on the scene the healer. He climbed up on a white podium, repeatedly circled his miraculous gaze of the audience and disappeared behind the curtain. At this, the session ended.

Leading asked volunteers about what they experienced. Among the audience there were those who were simply stunned by what is happening. One guy said, supposedly during the session, he straightened back. While an elderly spectator said that in order to Braco came from Moldova.for on his view it is easier to breathe. However, the majority said nothing. When the session ended, people in the crowd whispering, saying, “well, that’s free, so the real psychic”.

The day at the Philharmonic healer held sessions of contemplation in Belgorod arrived the Kursk Root icon of the Mother of God “the Sign”. In the region of the image brought from the USA. Initially, the Orthodox relic was delivered to Stary Oskol. and then to the regional center.

In Belgorod has arrived the famous icon “the Sign”.

Many people in Belgorod was in confusion: whether to run to the healer, or go on a procession. There were many people there, and there. To meet the icon was visited by several thousand people. At three o’clock from Nikolo-Joasaph of the Cathedral began the procession to the chapel of Saint Ioasaf at the Holy Trinity Boulevard. From there the icon was delivered to the Transfiguration Cathedral. After she goes to a wooden Church of the Holy martyrs Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov and their mother Sophia. In the Belgorod region, the icon “the Sign” will stay until September 22. During this time it will carry to the temples of the area: Valuyki. Alekseyevka, New Oskol, Korocha. Prokhorovka and Gubkin. As to the “contemplation sessions” in the Belgorod region is part of the clergy of the region, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” asked the chief of analytical Department of the Belgorod and Stary Oskol diocese.

– We do not know what forces may stand behind the abilities of the healer. After all, he’s not God. Many were offended by the fact that the entrance was free. But the output can be very expensive. The people who came to the procession, asked questions about the arrival of Braco, considering that the event associated with the arrival in town of the icon “the Sign”. But they are actually not a single field. This is an indication that we are slipping not only in spiritual but also in the educational abyss.

The cost of the visit Belgorod healer took over a large local company. In edition ” KP ” called the surprised readers and reported that found in the center of restorative medicine and rehabilitation of the announcement of Braco. A clear answer on how to combine traditional medicine with the methods of the healer, we were not given neither the officials nor the doctors. However, in the center for regenerative medicine said that in psychiatry also applies the suggestion.

– Can’t say anything exactly about this healer as I don’t know it. This phenomenon exists. It has an absolute material basis and studied since the days of Joseph Stalin. says well-known psychiatrist and expert of “the battle of psychics” Mikhail Vinogradov. – In the thirties at his personal disposal for that purpose was created a special laboratory. The abilities of healers, there is nothing mystical. It is a biological, psychotherapeutic, hypnotic. Healers very well be psychosomatic, and cardiovascular disease. But, unfortunately, quacks are more than real healers.

– There is a placebo effect, that is, dummy. Some people give instead of this fake medicines, and they still recover. Usually the placebo effect affected 5-10% of people. But there is a peculiarity. The lower the education level, the higher the placebo effect, explains psychologist Maxim Ryabov. – Significant role played by the credibility of the clinic, the specialist, the identity of the patient. And the legend should match, be difficult, to consist of the abundance of obscure terms. According to some estimates, controlled placebo effect can reach up to 25-30 percent. It’s just wonderful when people deliberately cheat, but they believe. To some extent, deceivers justifies belief in their unique knowledge, even when they are completely absurd. Clientele select appropriate methods used. Will gladly find and energy flows, and family scenarios, and what you want.