The center of Chinese medicine "Lu Shi"
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Atopic dermatitis in children and adults.
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The use of medicinal herbs

Despite the fact that the representatives of traditional medicine believe the use of medicinal herbs in the treatment of a disease ineffective, many of them agree that medicinal plants can significantly alleviate the condition of patients, as a Supplement to the basic treatment with medication. One advantage of medicinal plants no doubt, when properly applied they do not cause absolutely no harm to human health.

The use of medicinal plants can save people from pain. So, people suffering from chronic muscular and neuralgic pains, for myself I know how hard it is to get rid of them and how they cut the man out of the rut. The same medications designed to relieve pain, are often not only ineffective, but with prolonged use have a negative impact on the gastro-intestinal tract in particular. Did you know that using a medicinal herb can not only effectively get rid of the pain, but also suppress the inflammatory process, relieve swelling, eliminate muscle tension.

External application of medicinal herbs in pain

In order to get rid of Astrakhansky pain, it is recommended to make compresses with a decoction of mint. For preparation funds should take a tablespoon of dried mint, a tablespoon of sage, brewed with boiling water, let stand for twenty minutes. In the infusion is to dip a piece of cloth and apply to the diseased area. Top cover with cellophane and a warm cloth. This compress should be kept no more than an hour.

If muscle pain is accompanied by headaches or dizziness, then compresses will help with the herb Valerian and motherwort. You should take two tablespoons of motherwort and Valerian, to make a glass of boiling water, leave for fifteen minutes. These wraps not only help to relieve the pain, but also to get rid of the stress voltage.

If the pain is bothering a person for a very long time, no drugs with them can not cope, it will help proven tool – nettle leaves. Nettle leaves can be used both fresh and in dried form. If you take dried nettle leaves in the amount of two tablespoons, the weight should pour a glass of boiling water and let stand ten minutes. You need to remember that to relieve chronic pain do not use the infusion, as it is usually done, and they steamed the leaves. Leaves must be applied to the diseased area for twenty minutes, covering them with cling film and a warm scarf. Such compresses is recommended to do every day for at least five days. This is particularly effective herbal remedy to relieve joint pain. The effect will be even more apparent if compresses after the warm-up procedures – massage or bath.

The use of medicinal herbs – ingestion

For oral use, as a rule, herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties and ability to actively cleanse the body of harmful compounds. Such properties have virtually all of the culture of green parsley and celery, asparagus and dill. Plants can be used in fresh form and in dried form. In diseases of the spine you can use the leaves of the bilberry or black currant.

Summarizing, we can say that the use of medicinal herbs has its own niche in the therapy of a huge number of diseases. And quite often, if medical drug can not cope with the treatment, help him in this particular medicinal plants.

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