Treatment of cervical erosion of folk remedies
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Found the oldest treatise on medicine
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Primary partition: Technique of shiatsu massages for various ailments and diseases.

Highly successful massage Shiatsu is used to combat tiredness and fatigue. Nowadays, few people Wake up in the morning with good health and a clear head. As a rule, they are healthy, spiritually and socially settled life. However, the majority of people nedosypaet often and, sometimes, in five years with difficulty awakening in the morning. Even people mode which allows some freedom in the mode of the day, find that work and social activities, household chores lead to body strain and fatigue. Sometimes people may not be aware of symptoms of fatigue that often appear in five or ten years. To live long, full lives, should avoid prolonged fatigue of the body.

In his younger years, seven to eight hours of sleep can completely remove the traces of fatigue, even under extreme fatigue. However, drowsiness and lethargy indicates a lack of sleep and prolonged fatigue. Such symptoms need to pay close attention, as otherwise this can lead to serious violations of the functions of the body.

Methods to relieve fatigue. To relieve fatigue of the feet need to press on each toe three times. Point for pressure on the toes indicated (Fig. 12 a). Then the pad of the thumb several times you need to press between the bones under the” yema feet. After that, proceed to press on the points of the arch of the foot (plantar surface), then the inner and outer malleolus and the Achilles tendon (Fig. 12 b, C, d).

Fig. 12. Point for pressure:

a) on your toes

b) on the plantar surface of the foot;

b) on the ankles;

g) for calcaneal (Achilles) tendon

Pressure on the arch of the foot not only removes extreme fatigue, but also normalizes the activity of the kidneys, with which the region is closely linked.

Next press the points located to the knee (Fig. 13). To start with the point located below the kneecap. Then two thumbs affect points located along the inner edge of the tibia. The main point of pressure is on the lower leg and is called San‑ri (Fig. 14). Impact on points located below, will be conducted if time allows.

Fig. 13. Point for pressure on the knee

Fig. 14. Point for pressure on the lower leg

Kneading calf with all your fingers eliminates General fatigue (Fig. 15).

Fig. 15. Point for pressure in the posterior region of the knee and Shin

To preserve the General tone targets pressure points in the groin and the anterior thigh area (Fig. 16). Then, moving down, push the entire length of the thigh muscles from the inside first and then outside (Fig. 17 a, b). Then four fingers push point of the back surface of the legs and buttocks (Fig. 17).

Fig. 16. Point for the pressure in the groin and the anterior surface of Bandra

The appearance of sagging skin in the groin, especially in young women, indicates serious disorders in the body. They need to be immediately addressed. Pressure on the sciatic nerve (Fig. 17), and points in the gluteal area and on the back foot for four minutes can prevent or facilitate recovery with isoneway and sciatica.

Fig. 17. Point for pressure:

a) on the inner surface of the thigh;

b) on the outer surface of the thigh;

b) in the gluteal region and the posterior surface of the leg

Finish the massage lying on your back. The hands pull back (along the scalp), straighten legs, bring them together and make three vigorous stretching.