Kashpirovsky, Chumak, hornbeam: where is now the famous Soviet psychics and healers?
Should you believe that psychics and healers have special powers? Question of faith — intimate, everyone decides for himself what to believe. However, we cannot say that the Foundation of…

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Sessions alternative medicine gathered hundreds of Belgorod
The other day in the Belgorod region arrived "Croatian phenomenon" Braco. Many videos tell you that this man heals only one eye. The healer held in the region, "contemplation sessions".…

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Beauty recipes at home

Of course, every girl wants to be irresistible. But not everyone is ready to put all his money on various cosmetics that aren’t even necessarily help. And rightly so. There are a huge number of popular recipes of beauty. This products for hair, face, hands and body, which can be made from scrap, and most importantly – natural products that will not cause chemical impact on your body. Let’s look at some of them.

Hair care

Let’s start with the hair. Beautiful long hair is the pride for girls. And, of course, require constant care. The following folk remedies can help You care.

Shampoo for hair

For making shampoo at home You will need these ingredients:

140 grams of corn flour

20 drops of castor oil

30 drops of any essential oil, which is more like

The preparation of the shampoo is very simple:

mix all the above components

after that massage gently apply the product on the hair starting at the roots

massage your head for some time

then rinse with warm water

Hair spray

To prepare the spray, You need the following ingredients:

3 lemon slices for light hair and for dark orange 3

250 millilitrovoj

50 milliliters of vodka

Caring is hairspray made with natural ingredients as follows:

soak slices of lemon or orange in hot water for half an hour

after that, strain the resulting broth and wait until it has cooled completely

then dilute 50 ml of vodka

all good stir and pour the cleaner into a spray bottle

Care for hands and nails

A means to accelerate nail growth

For making this remedy You need:

one dessert spoon of wheat oil

two dessert spoons of castor oil

the same salt

Prepare the vehicle as follows:

all of the components to be mixed

then move into some closing capacity

a good shake in this container, the resulting mass

after that, apply on Your notice and leave on for five minutes

after this period the drug to wash off with running water

Cream for hand care

The cream prepared according to recipe described below, will greatly soften and moisturize the skin of Your pens. For him, You should prepare these ingredients:

¼ Cup olive oil

the same amount of vodka

one dessert spoon lemon juice

one tablespoon of chopped flower petals (dried)

the same sea salt

100 ml of water

For the manufacture of nourishing cream, perform the following steps:

in a bowl pour olive oil, vodka, lemon juice and water

then thoroughly mix all these components

next, add sea salt and flower petals (if you do not find the petals – don’t worry, you can do without them)

again all stir well

then apply the resulting mass on the arms and leave it for a few minutes

after this period, rinse off the cream with warm water


Chocolate orange balm for lip care

For balm you will need these ingredients:

three tablespoons of cocoa butter

one dessert spoon of vitamin E oil

a few bars of dark chocolate (a delicious milkshake, unfortunately, will not work)


At home lip balm is made so:

first melt the cocoa butter in the microwave

immediately add the butter to the chocolate and stir until it melts

if you melt the chocolate can’t – put the mixture in the microwave for some time

then add in the received weight vitamin E and squeeze a little juice from an orange

thoroughly mix to obtain a homogeneous mass, and move this mixture into some small handy jar

when the vehicle is completely cool – you can start using it

Face masks

Protein mask

For this mask you need only one protein-two eggs and a drop of lemon juice. But the effect it gives is simply stunning! Rejuvenates, tightens the skin, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and opens his eyes.

add a drop of lemon juice in egg white separated from yolk

thoroughly whisk the resulting mass

then apply this mixture on the face and hold until until the preparation has completely dried

then rinse it with warm water

Mask of calendula tincture

take one tablespoon of tincture of medicinal plants calendula

dilute it with one tablespoon of cold, pre-boiled or purified water

as received, the liquid soak cotton pads and place them on face for 30 minutes

Calendula has disinfectant properties and is included in the ingredients of various cosmetic products.

Don’t forget to use vegetables, fruits and berries for the care of the skin. This can be a regular cut slices of cucumber laid on the area of the eye, and a few mashed strawberries. or any other, applied to the face for a few minutes. For dry and inflamed skin useful raw zucchini. Raspberries and grapes are perfectly moisturize the skin. Cranberries, cherries, blackcurrants tend to narrow the pores. Tired skin will invigorate the peach. And the tomatoes will dry too oily skin .