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Who is the healer?

It is known that healing, as a non-traditional way to cure various ailments, not one hundred years.

In ancient times, when the notion of official medicine was not yet in sight, the healing of adults and children carried out exclusively healer (faith healer, herbalist) is a person who has special knowledge and abilities in the treatment of various diseases. Then all the healers were real and nobody would have never thought to beware of opportunities to run into a charlatan or a swindler.

In today’s world, where seemingly technology in various fields, including medicine, is so advanced, the number of children who need the help of folk healers is not only not diminished, but rather increases every year. As you know, demand creates supply. In this connection today in any newspaper you can see plenty of advertisements about the offer of assistance in getting rid of absolutely all incurable diseases. It is of course difficult to believe that so many people have an extraordinary gift of healing and as a consequence the question arises: how from this mass of clairvoyants, sorcerers, bone-setters and healers to find someone who actually is able to eliminate ailments, instead of developing a profitable business, deceiving the population?

First of all, ask around of relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, maybe some of them obraschalsya specific healer and is willing to share his opinion about it, its treatments and most importantly — the results. Secondly, dealing a visit to a specialist (either by recommendation or you find it yourself), trust your intuition. Listen to your sixth sense: do you trust the person in front of you man or woman or have a subconscious aversion? Would be great to know how a healer became what it is currently.

Below we will discuss the most common options that led your doctor to the healing.

1. An ordinary man, having a number of chronic diseases and often visit doctors, at a certain point gives up on traditional medicine and decides to “heal themselves”. To implement this plan, he reads the specialized literature, attending various courses — resulting in the observed positive results in his health. Flushed with success, he learns further enhances qualifications, begins to treat relatives and friends and eventually the healing becomes his professional activities.

2. The second option, unfortunately, quite common — and these “healers” should be avoid at all cost. The person is not able to be realized in its field, not satisfied with a small salary and lack of prospects. And he comes up with to do the healing to make money and hoped that he somehow suddenly awakened talent for doctoring.

3. For this category of healing is a hobby. This in no way suggests that the person is not able to cure diseases, it’s very possible. It just may be a banker, salesperson, teacher etc and all my heart to reach for the healing.

4. People who keep to the family tradition. A true healer, a chiropractor, a herbalist, a magician from childhood he absorbed the knowledge about the subject, watching the relatives and in natural (not academic) were trained and gained practical knowledge.

5. Every child received a special gift, which he spontaneously learned and began to use it for the benefit of people. Pretty rare option

6. Last regular doctor who worked for years in a traditional medical facility, but in practice having satisfied himself that for really effective treatment of people is not enough to prescribe drugs, you need something else. Later he mastered acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, or something else.

What healer to choose? Anyone, except those cases when people a year ago were laid off at your workplace, it is not associated with the current session, decided to open a “business” by giving sick people the services of a “healer”.