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On the farm grown spices and herbs – Society – Culture – My Estonia

The lady of the house and founder of the training center Catherine Luke grows flowers, not only for aesthetic reasons — she knows how to use them as food and as medicines.

The first thing that greets guests at the Karepa horticultural economy which grows medicinal plants, is a stunning fragrance. Everything that grows here in the fields, smell planetele. Intoxicating smell impregnated the room in the house and especially the kitchen where all the time something is cooked in a saucepan or baked in the oven.

Just finished the preparation of ointments. This work requires great precision and observance of absolute cleanliness, so outsiders during the process, the kitchen is not allowed.

However, the hostess kindly allowed to visit their gorgeous garden with herbs and medicinal plants. Plants that cannot be used in food one part or another, it just doesn’t grow.

The orders will be executed

Now most of the plants had gone to seed, and their flowers are collected. Due to the drought this year the harvest was slightly less. And still the landlady is sure that he will be able to reverse the ends, all orders will be executed, and the goods are enough to fill warehouses, and remoteusername center.

Very popular with all sorts of herbal teas, of which the most popular is an energy tea, the cold bath. More and more supporters and appears at a new interesting product — buckwheat tea.

Since last year Katherine Luque started the processing and drying of earthen pear (Jerusalem artichoke), which is known for its pleasant nutty taste. For diabetics and people with diseases of the pancreas, this plant is particularly useful.

The artichoke is well suited to those who are dieting. because it can be used both raw and in dried form instead of sweets, sitting in front of the TV.

Milled to the state of the earth flour pear you can add in camu or any other flour when cooking. Again begins to become fashionable also chicory root.

Brings some income to the farm and tourism. Garden of medicinal plants Karepa is a network Ehedate Elamuste Koostöövõrgustik and through developing contacts with people who are interested in cultivation of medicinal herbs and the use in food of useful plants — they are coming to the farm for experience.

Catherine Luke teaches his guests how to use in cooking as many plants.

For example, she teaches, if for stewing meat, add the hyssop, oregano and Basil, then add salt is not needed.

Nettle soup for tourists

Luka treats visitors with nettle soup. Actually it is, in General, meat soup, adding beans, mushrooms and carrots, and a unique flavour to give it spice.

Green salad can be prepared from the cuff, shnit Luka and Ivan-tea, if the plants thoroughly and finely chop and add sour cream and sugar.

“Several years ago when I began to conduct courses, at first during coffee breaks served, as is customary, coffee and biscuits. I offered to serve healthier food and herbal teas,” recalls the woman.

So she found another sphere of activity. Now her meals are enjoyed at various events popularity, and are waiting for them.

Covering the festive table, Catherine always uses colorful edible flowers, which then eat everything. The cakes are totally optional. For these purposes, the owner of the farm grows in the garden Pansy, marigold (calendula), begonias, yellow daisies, cornflowers and other flowers that serve only as a decoration of the garden.

“Along with the useful qualities of food are important and emotions that give us the multi — colored plant,” says Luka, and evidence suggests a bun with flowers of calendula.

To the question whether there are such plants, in which food is not suitable, the woman replied that she doesn’t eat the ground and the grass, and goosefoot feeding chickens, which she doesn’t eat, he keeps only for the sake of the eggs. In nature there are many plants with much more pleasant for Catherine taste than ground and grass.

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