Popular recipes from Olga Anokhina: "From spring depression will save broth hips"
"Strength" — we often speak in March. And first the sun is not happy, and sleepy, and all irritating. Sensing weakness, many run to the drugstore for vitamins. Although there…

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The ABC of Herbs: the ABC of medicinal plants and herbs
Medicinal plants Currently more and more people begin to study medicinal plants — a priceless gift of nature. The use of medicinal plants and herbs to treat a variety of…

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Physical therapy in Moscow, physiotherapy treatment, study physiotherapy, General physiotherapy, physical therapy contraindications

Treatment by physical and natural factors is called physical therapy . Examples of physiotherapy can be: electricity, heat and cold, laser, ultrasound, magnetic field, different types of radiation, massage, hirudotherapy. mud and others.

Physical therapy has some differences from other systems of treatment, and these differences play an important role, as they provide physical therapy popularity is the effectiveness and safety. Physiotherapy does not involve the use of drugs, with thanks to physiotherapy can reduce the medication. This is due to the fact that the body increases sensitivity to the therapeutic properties of the drug and can be consume less. In addition, physical therapy helps not only to shorten the course of treatment, but to minimize the side effects after diseases. Continue reading

The recipe for beautiful Breasts: drink coffee with cabbage!

A sensational study scientists made women nervous. Judge for yourself: according to experts, daily consumption of three cups of coffee can reduce breast size. Think you kidding? Yes…it would!

Women can hardly quibble over your own bust. Especially when proud of themselves, and nothing. But supporters of traditional medicine seem willing to pour jokes above the belt as much as you want. Though believe, though check… Woman’s day, inspired by another study on “the miraculous properties of” coffee, I decided to learn all of the most popular means of breast enlargement. And here’s what we got…

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Possible result: a Significant increase in the growth of the mammary glands.

Method of application: to Put a thin net on the “right” area. Combined with intense physical procedures, developing chest muscles. Continue reading

Bags and dark circles under the eyes: the beauty recipes

Why do I get bags and dark circles under the eyes?

Large role is played by the anatomical features. “Say, if you have a thin skin and the blood vessels are close to her, dark circles under the eyes will almost always be visible,” explains Olga Anokhina . beautician salon “Madame and Monsieur”.

Another cause of dark circles under the eyes is congestion of blood in the vessels. It can cause a variety of factors: fatigue, lack of sleep, bad habits, diseases of heart, liver, digestive organs and even a sedentary lifestyle .

But the bags under the eyes is often a hereditary phenomenon. “Approximately 15% of women have a genetic predisposition to the increase in the volume of periorbital fat tissue,” says Olga Anokhina.

In addition, the bags can appear because of allergies. Or swelling associated with an unbalanced diet, alcohol, hormonal changes, unhealthy habits. “Say, if you sleep threw back the head back, it is likely that you will Wake up with the swelling,” notes Pauline Magomedov . the cosmetologist of beauty salon “parle vu Frances?”. So put your head down so your chin was cutinize forehead. Continue reading